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Stem Cells: Myths and Facts

For a long time, talking about stem cells was like talking about the future. Today, stem cells and all their benefits are a viable reality. You’ve probably heard about them and wondered what they are. Well, they’re cells that have the potential to become any type of cell in our body. This means that stem cells have the ability to self-renew and multiply while maintaining the potential to develop into other type of cells.

Stem cells are capable of helping you with a wide variety of diseases, as diabetes, osteoarthritis, Alzheimer, multiple sclerosis and more. However, stem cells treatments are surrounded by a lot of misconceptions caused by disinformation over the Internet and myths that have grown over the years.

We want you to know how safe and beneficial stem cells are for you. That’s why Sani Dental Group clarifies the myths and misconceptions about this subject that you may have heard. We invite you to open your mind and verify the safety of this process.

All Stem Cells Come From Embryos

It may surprise you, but actually most stem cells don’t come from embryos. There are different ways to obtain stem cells. They can be obtained from sources like umbilical cord blood, as well as from your own blood. With a simple blood sample extracted and centrifuged; stem cells can be obtained without any risk involved.

Embryonic Stem Cells are the Most Effective

As a fact, there’s no evidence at all about persons being cured of a disease using embryonic stem cells. On the other hand, adult stem cells obtained from blood have already cured thousands. There are about 70 conditions and disorders that have been treated with adult stem cells, such as cancers, neural degenerative diseases, immunological problems, neural degenerative diseases, and more.

Stem Cell Treatments are Illegal

Let’s put it this way: absolutely not true. Actually, it’s a practice legal and raising in the world. During 2013, nearly $1.3 billion were dedicated to stem cell research in United States. Benefits from stem cells treatments are so evident and clear that all medical industry is turning his eye on it; and of course, it’s completely legal.

Stem Cells Can Multiply in a Wrong Way and Cause Cancer

Till today, there’s no one registered case of any person diagnosed with cancer after they received stem cells treatment. Actually, it’s all the opposite. When stem cells multiply, they regenerate and fix the wrong cells and tissue, helping your body to recover from cancerous cells. So you don’t need to be worried, the purpose of the treatment is to heal cancer, never to create it.

It’s Possible That my Body Rejects Stem Cells

No, not possible at all. Given that stem cells are derived from your own body, there’s no risk of rejection. When you receive the treatment, you’re handling with cells from your own organism. Your body adopt stem cells and let them work on you, and as part of your body, they’re totally compatible.

Stem Cells Treatment is Unproven

Clinical research trials have demonstrated a very high safety and measurable improvements. After the studies, it was proven that patients who received stem cells treatment improved their heart function. You can even read the document that prove this here.

As you can see, some of these misconceptions about stem cells are totally unfounded. Sani Dental Group, as a pioneer in stem cells treatments in Los Algodones, Baja California, guarantee you a rich, safe experience; and mainly, options to treat your diseases with a proven method that has no risks involved.

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