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Snowbirds Welcome Party 2015

In a recent post, we described the 5 Great Advantages Snowbirds have, we have been talking about snowbirds because of an event that will happen. On Sat. December 05, 2015 the capital of dental tourism will hold their annual event, the 2015 Snowbirds Welcome Party. Why do they come you might ask? Allow Sani Dental Group to explain.

Why Snowbirds Come

Los Algodones is located in Baja California, Mexico and every year the town opens its arms to receive the snowbirds. Snowbirds are travelers who reside in the Northern USA States, Canada, and Alaska; they usually travel thousands of miles searching for warmer climates. However, the primary reason why Snowbirds travel to Los Algodones is the love the city offers. 

Motivated by the love Los Algodones has for its visitors, the city is once again holding their annual event. The 2015 Snowbirds Welcome Party will be bigger than ever. The event will be open to visitors of all ages, and adults and families were encouraged to participate and be part of the party. This year visitors will get to enjoy the following: FREE food, FREE beer, FREE Margaritas and some clinics will even offer FREE services.

Don’t be late to the party, the celebration is about to start. Will you join us?

What you’ll get to Enjoy

In addition to the free items the 2015 Snowbirds Welcome will offer, visitors will get to experience live music, enjoy several Mexican dishes, see several performances, everything from aerial dancers, comedic shows, cabaret dancers, and much, much more.
Los Algodones has a very special relationship with snowbirds, that's why the three principal services the city of Los Algodones offers made special promotions, the three areas include:

Optometry Services:

In the event, optical clinics will have booths, offer their services and welcome the thousands of snowbirds that will arrive.

Pharmacy Services:

Currently, the Purple Pharmacy is the largest pharmaceutical, but in 2016 Medi Plaza will expand and offer all our visitors a new pharmacy. We invite all our visitors to stop at our booth for more details.

Dental Services:

The capital of dental tourism knows that it has a very important responsibility, to offer you the best dental service and at the most affordable prices. As we previously mentioned, Los Algodones and snowbirds have developed a special bond. The city’s dental clinics are grateful for everything snowbirds have done for us, we are glad to receive and attend all the needs our guest of honor might have. 

Now, Sani Dental Group knows that visiting another country, searching for a dental clinic, and know what to do afterwards can be a hassle, but that’s why Sani is here. Through our all in one program, all you have to do is have a dental need and give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest. Yes, it’s that simple. We know that finding the perfect dentist can be overwhelming, especially in a city with more than 300 dental clinics within a few blocks. However, through the 2015 Snowbirds Welcome Party our visitors could see how a visit to the dentist could be a great experience.

Yes, you read correctly visiting the dentist can be an excellent experience. All will depend on what dental clinic you decide to get treated. During the welcome party, we invite you to search for Sani Dental Group and ask us all the questions you might have and see for yourself why Sani Dental Group is your best option. Avoid all hassle a dental visit can involve, contact one of our patient coordinators, whether you need a simple procedure or “complex” surgery come to the capital of dental tourism and allow our professionals to take care of all your oral needs. Why? Simple, because you deserve it.