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Snowbirds and their Impact

Snowbirds are making an impact in today’s societies. No, we are no talking about the small grayish sparrows, the dark-eyed junco who are native to the Northern region of USA and Canada.

Snowbirds is a term used to describe elderly persons who reside in the northern US or Canada states and travel south during the winter season, for example traveling to Los Algodones; they're causing a great impact in societies, this is cause by their many contributions; whether it was through their new political ideas, new technologies they created, economical revenues they achieved or the many organizations created to help men, women, children or elderly.

Cultural Identity

Snowbirds are composed mainly of one of the greatest generations of all time, the baby boomers. The boomers are a generation who grew up in a time of many social changes. These changes forged this generation character and turn them strong, but at the same time they remained conservative not forgetting the events that occurred before they were born.

Baby Boomers

Baby boomers are people born during post World War II baby boom, between the years of 1946 – 1964. As mention, this generation is often associated with either the rejection of traditions or the redefinition values; however, even though they redefine some traditions, boomers keep many important values.

Today’s boomers in Europe and North America are widely associated with the privilege, many of them grow up in a society with values and changes. This generation understood that the world doesn’t owe them anything, that no one was going to spoon feed them anything and that it was one own responsibility to make a difference.

This generation was independent and witness many significant changes, some of these include:

  • Population Growth
  • Consumption Growth
  • Civil Rights Movements
  • Technological Growth
  • The Apollo Missions
  • Social Activism Movements

Boomers usually have higher levels of education, financial and social opportunities, this generation is often portrayed as an optimism generation, with many opportunity and prosperity as well as many achievements causing a great cultural impact.


A significant section of the snowbirds community drives recreational vehicles and they are known as RVers. As we have mention snowbirds are mainly made of the baby boomers generation and thanks to the good economic decision they took, they can purchase a motorhome and travel to the south every winter.

RVers often travel to the same location every year and have even build communities, they are "snowbird friendly" with their second family and have created an impact in society and several major cities in the US. The RVers’ impact is so strong, that some cities have destination dedicated to them; an example of this is the city of Quartzsite, Arizona. Quartzsite has been labeled a “white cities", because from a bird's-eye view all the motorhomes covering the landscape forms a white layer. From here many RVers travel further south, to Los Algodones and enjoy all the benefits the city offers. 

Their Achievements and Impact

In addition to all the war victories, great values and the rich culture that baby boomers and snowbirds left us; this generation also left us a sense of security and hope for the future.

Let’s not forget that is was they who first arrive on the moon, something that past generation only dream. In the medical field, at the moment there has not been another generation with more achievements that the baby boomers. They helped develop and upgrade many areas in the medical field, an example of these is dental tourism.

Dental Tourism and Elderly

As we learned in our previous post: Los Algodones What to Expect;;medical tourism involves seeking medical services outside of our local healthcare systems.

Each year we see a growth in the number of baby boomer who convert to snowbirds, just like a bird travels south in the cold winter seasons seeking shelter and a warm weather. Many baby boomers will travel south this winter season seeking professional healthcare and affordable dental treatments. By traveling south to a "developing country" tourist can obtain 2 important benefits, a great place to vacation and affordable treatments with significant savings compared to their local healthcare systems. A city that many will visit is Los Algodones, the capital of Dental Tourism and the largest clinic in the city is Sani Dental Group.

We invite all of our readers to share their stories and tell us how you (snowbird) have impacted societies.

Always remember Sani Dental Group offers all of our patients and readers affordable dental treatment, with significant savings; for our dental clinic the most important thing is your dental health.