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SDG Dental Financing Options

Today’s world economy is struggling, many business are concerned that the lack of economical support will hurt their business and employees. According to the Small Business Association (SBA) the lack of sufficient capital to keep a business in operation will cause 56% of small business to close their doors. The closing of several businesses means that many will lose the economic stability they have, the health and dental benefits a company offers, among the other benefits. With all these economic problems in mind, Sani Dental Group wants to help, our dental clinic now offers our patients Financial Options.

SDG: Dental Financing

Through Sani Dental Group Financing, money shouldn’t become between you and the smile of your dreams. For Sani Dental Group your smile and dental health is our priority and we want all of visitor to benefit from this new program we are offering. With the help of two trustworthy Finance Companies, our dental clinic will help more and more patients. If you want to take advantage of this service please call our office.

Overcoming Financing Problems

To overcome financing problems contact one of Sani Dental Group patient coordinator, our coordinators can assist you with any question you may have regarding the dental treatment you are looking for and their costs. It’s important that you provide us your residency and application form, this form will provide the Finance Company your interest in a credit/loan for dental procedures.

Once you have sent the application form, a Customer Service agent with the Finance Company will contact you to continue with the Credit/Loan Process.

FACT: The application form submission, will not assure you the credit.

It’s important to have a Pre-estimate before contacting the Finance Company, this way you’ll have an idea of the balance of your dental treatment plan. All the Pre-estimates we send you prior to your visit are informative and must be confirmed by the Diagnosis Doctor after an oral examination. These pre-estimates may be subject to change.

Please let us know if you need any assistance. One of our Patient Coordinators will gladly help you solving any question you may have. You can contact us by sending an e-mail to or you can give us a call to our toll free number: 855-7264-337.


Sani Dental Group is not responsible for unauthorized credits, interest rates, or any other fee the financial company may apply when requesting the credit. Any doubt, disconformity, or clarification about the credit loan will be managed directly with the Finance Company. All payments, fees, and credit records must be discussed directly with the Finance Company.

According to the Finance Company requirements, it is responsibility of the patient to verify the dental appointment confirmation in order to confirm with them the initial day of the dental treatment. Dental treatment will be authorized by Sani Dental Group once partially of fully paid by the patient of the Finance Company.

Sani Dental Group knows that today’s economy is going to some harsh times, but this shouldn’t break your smile. The largest dental clinic in Los Algodones wants to protect your smile and dental health; don’t financing problems be a reason for you to not smile. Through our new Dental Financing Options, patients whom in the past had struggle have an opportunity. To know about this program contact one of our patient coordinators or call 855-7264-337.