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Take Advantage: Outdoor Activities

After spending months in your home with little to no activity; Sani invites you to take a walk this vacation and do your favorite outdoor activity. Enjoy the warm weather spring and summer offer you and perform an outdoor activities, keep in mind that by doing these activities one can obtain numerous of benefits and through a little planning the benefits outdoor activities offer you can last a life time.

For Sani Dental Group, outdoor activities are important, these offers seniors the opportunity to breathe fresh air, reduce the risk of mobility problems and overall improve their metabolism. We invite you to take advantage of these warm vacation days, enjoy a cool breeze and do your favorite outdoor activity.

The Advantages of Outdoors Activities

One of the main advantages outdoors activities offer is being able to soak up in sunlight. Sunlight offers you the necessary Vitamin D needed to maintain bones and teeth health, support your brain and nervous system, your immune system, regulate insulin levels, among other benefits. In some cases doctor have even prescribe sunlight as a source of Vitamin D, take advantage of the warm weather and performed your favorite outdoor activities.

Another advantage outdoor activities offer is that being outside enables you to socialize and interact with other adults, children, your caregiver and/or your lovable pet(s). If you feel fatigue, performing outdoors activities will rejuvenate and uplift your spirit.

In the case of caregivers, outdoor activities shouldn’t be seen as an obstacle; but as an opportunity that they can take advantage of. It’s true that some locations have limited access either for wheelchairs or bathrooms; but after overcoming this obstacle both the elderly and their caregiver can have a magnificent time, share stories and create memorable memories. Thanks to the caregiver efforts, the risk of having mobility problems can be reduced and through a few exercises suggested by their physician they can build muscles.

FACT: When performing outdoors activities, remember to stay well hydrated to avoid Heat Stroke.

Outdoor Activities in the Summer

Throughout the year we will have many opportunities to do outdoor activities, however there is something special about the summer; it seems as if there is always something we can do, here is a list of our recommendations:

Catch your Favorite Game: This summer head outdoors and catch your favorite sport, you can either watch your grandchild's soccer game, or attending a professional game.

Go Fish: For retirees finishing is an activity they love, they can spend several hours on their boat waiting for the fish to bite. Many grandparents enjoy talking to their grandchildren, offering them their experience and love.

Know your Surroundings: Become a tourists in your surroundings, because of the many responsibilities one has every day, many don’t know the attractions that are in their own city. This vacation season take advantage of the days off available and be a city tourist.

Take a Dip: Swimming is an activity that many love! When a heat wave hits your area, head to your favorite pool, deep your feet, relax and enjoy. You may even be able to improve your health by doing a few low-impact water aerobics.

Listen to the Chirps: If you have a bird bath, bird feeder, or birdhouse in your yard, chances are that you hear a wide variety of birds every morning. Take advantage of these birds and head outside to see and hear the birds.

Take a Walk: If the weather allows it, take a walk; just a few minutes a day can make the difference. Even if you only walk 3-4 minutes your health can drastically improve.

Fly a Kite: Build a kite, take to a park and see it fly! If you are a grandparent take your children and enjoy their efforts to keep the kite in the air.

Outdoor Snack: Picnics is another outdoor activity you can take advantage of. Grandchildren can take their favorite PB & J sandwich and share it with their parents, grandparents and love ones.

Commemorate Special Occasions: Holidays are special occasions that you should take advantage of; in these occasions communities organized several outdoors events in which you can communicate and have fun with family and friends.

Pedal Around: If you live close to a park, why not rent a bicycle (or take your own) and pedal around. See the sights, do a little of cardio and enjoy the sunrises or the sunsets take advantage of these outdoor activities.

For Sani Dental Group, your oral health is our primary concern, however we also want you to take advantage of this summer war weather and practice your favorite outdoor activity. For more cultural and entertaining articles we invite you to visit our blog site or subscribe to our Newsletter; but if you are currently experiencing a dental problem set-up an appointment with one of our patient coordinators and come to Los Algodones and get the dental attention you need.