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Habits that Strengthen Your Teeth

You may think that going to the dentist twice a year is the only way to take care of your teeth, but you shouldn’t let all the responsibility on your dentist’s shoulders. There are easy habits that you can adopt in order to have strong teeth; good oral hygiene combined with a healthy diet assures you a lasting smile. Sani Dental Group, always wanting you to have the best dental health, shares with you 5 habits that strengthen your teeth.

Watch Your Diet

We all love sugary, sticky, and greasy food, but these are the main menace to your teeth. These foods stick to your teeth and are turned into acid by the bacteria living in your mouth, and it results in plaque. While we don’t say that you have to stop eating sugar forever, you should limit it in order to take care of your teeth.

On the other side, there are foods that help you strengthen your smile. For example, dairy products as milk and cheese are rich in calcium and vitamin D, helping to reduce the risk of tooth loss. Also, crisp fruits and raw vegetables, such as apples, celery, and carrots, are useful to clean plaque from teeth and even freshen breath. Remember to look for foods with vitamin C, D, and antioxidants. Keeping a diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants won’t just give you strong teeth, but a strong overall health.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water helps you not only to maintain the balance of your body fluids and to control calories, but it’s a magnificent habit to your teeth. By drinking water, your mouth stays hydrated, and that means that your salivation levels are optimum.

Saliva helps to wash away bacteria. When your mouth is dry, bacteria have a free pass to grow and cause plaque, weakening your teeth. So don’t forget to take a big bottle of water with you everywhere in order to keep that amazing smile in its place.

Brush and Floss Daily

This seems like an obvious one, right? Well, we cannot tell you enough about how important is daily brushing and flossing; it’s your main defense line against bacteria and diseases. Brushing and flossing prevent cavities and tooth decay, ensuring the functionality and strength of your teeth.

Remember that flossing and brushing are two different activities that complement each other, so don’t forget to do both of them every day. Being your smile something so important, why wouldn't you dedicate a few minutes of your day to keep it strong?

Watch Your Mouth

We’re talking about preventive checkups for you to do in your home. Sometimes people don’t notice when something is wrong with their teeth because they’re not used to look at their mouth. A small revision to the state of your mouth every day can help you to be conscious about its deterioration and prevent the growth of diseases.

It’s as easy as to stand in front of your mirror and open your mouth for a few seconds every morning. You’re the main responsible for the state of your smile, so don’t let it decline; it deserves to shine.

Avoid Wrecking It

Your smile is so valuable, why would you do something to damage it? Little things that you may think that are not important could cause your teeth to debilitate; have you ever opened a bottle with your teeth? Or chewed ice? What about those delicious lollipops that you’re supposed to lick but prefer to bite? Any of those things is harmful to your teeth.

The most important part of prevention is being conscious about what may damage your teeth and avoid it. As well, knowing what is good to your teeth and work on it can help you to prevent diseases; so now that you have the information, use it to keep your smile as healthy and shiny as possible.

In Sani Dental Group, we want you to never suffer for your dental health. Our wish is for you to have the stronger teeth as long as possible, and that’s why we share with you this information. In order to check the state of your teeth and prevent diseases, we invite you to visit one of our dental clinics. Give us a call, our patient coordinators are always prepared to solve your questions and give you everything you need. Your dental health is your responsibility, but if you need a hand, let us show you why we’re the best choice.