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Sani Dental Group present at the World Medical Tourism Congress (MTA)

Every year, a dedicated team of professionals worldwide meet to discuss Healthcare topics and the effects that medical tourism has in today’s societies. This meeting, World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress (WMTC), is organized by the Medical Tourism Association (MTA).

The MTA is an organization dedicated to developing new market opportunities for healthcare providers and for patients to connect with other countries and discover a new approach to improve their health. In 2014, from Sunday 21st to Tuesday 23rd Sani Dental Group had the opportunity to be part of the 7th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress in Washington D.C. at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center.

In this congress, insurance companies, government agencies, medical tourism facilitators, and other organizations interested in connecting with US and international healthcare providers gathered and offered conferences, forums, as well as activities and recommendations offered by the MTA.

This was the second year Sani Dental Group participated at this major congress. Last year this event was celebrated in Las Vegas, Nevada, and we enjoyed the several con

ferences, varied activities, and all the other attractions this city has to offer. In this occasion, we met new colleagues that will help us upgrade our services.

On the first day, we started at 7:00 a.m. for the check in and then headed to settle our stand.

During the day, we received several people interested in knowing more about services and facilities while forums and conferences were happening in several other rooms among the convention center. For Sani Dental Group attending these events is very important, not only we gain experience, knowledge, and meet new people, but we also have the opportunity to give feedback, offer future patients our services, and support medical tourism.

During the second and third days of congress, it was all about getting to know people, cultures, and more learning during the hours of conferences. This congress was targeted on how to improve services, how to get to know patients, new techniques and technologies regarding health care, and new trends in medicine.

Thanks to the workshops offered at the event, we were able to refine skills and see patients in a new perspective. With this new knowledge we will be able to offer a better support to Medical Tourism and satisfy all of our patient’s needs.

We are proud members of the MTA since last year and with their accreditation we are able to take our facilities to a new level. We invite you to learn more and see how the MTA can assist in all of your medical needs and how Sani Dental Group can offer you the dental treatments you need at an affordable price.