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Sani Dental Group Experience

When you are small, losing a tooth could be both a frightening and exciting moment. Many little kids play with their lose tooth, making it wiggle and hearing that the tooth fairy will visit really excites them. However, this changes once we are adults, when an adult loses a tooth or their teeth; the excitement is no longer there, but the fear is. This is something that happened to me, gum disease cost my teeth to “wiggle” and to fall out. Thanks to the team of experts at Sani Dental Group, I was able recover my smile and my joy.

My Sani Dental Group Experience

Soon gum disease spread and spread, causing my gums to inflame and bleed; soon tooth after tooth began to fall, before I knew it several of my teeth had fallen off. At first I didn’t notice or mind, but soon my tongue began to touch the gaps and empty spaces. The worst was when I had to smile for a family picture, I was truly ashamed of my half-smile, and I dare to say, “That’s what I hated the most, taking pictures”.

I decided to go to the dentist and see what options were available, once at my local dentist they took some dental x-rays and did a diagnosis; the solution was not simple. I needed either a Fixed Bridge, a removable denture or an implant; but which one is the best? All these option are good and will take care of my problem, however my dentist explained to me that the best option for replacing a missing tooth or set of missing teeth is a dental implant. Everything was good, I was a good candidate for an implant with no significant bone resorption; but then I say the price, the procedure will cost me more than $40,000 dollars. Unfortunately this price was a bit high for my budget and the price for a bride or denture was not really better. I decided to check a few of my options online and found that the city with more dental clinics in the world is Los Algodones. It is then, that I found out about Sani Dental Group and all of their services.

Once at Sani I enter the diagnostic room, sat in a comfortable chair – the chair offered me good back support, it was properly adjusted to my height and offered me cozy armrests. Both the dentist and staff at Sani are exceptional, with their kind treatment and helpful information it was as if they were holding my hand and guiding me throughout the entire process. My dentist explained to me the process that I needed and offer me the same solution that my dentist in the USA; but at the fraction of their price, I saved almost 70%. The implants were placed and in my second visit the final crown was placed and all I can say is that I am pleased to once feel my teeth, to once again feel my smile. I love the smooth texture my new denture offers me and their glossy enamel surfaces. My experience at Sani was memorable and I invite all of you who have suffer a loss tooth or several loss teeth to come to Los Algodones and allow Sani Dental Group to take care of all your oral needs. Yes, there are many dentist in the city, but none like Sani, they are extremely cordial and made me feel welcome, secure, and they transformed me into a whole new person, a happy person.

Sani’s Reviews

This is just one of the many stories Sani Dental Group receives in a regular basis, our patients’ constantly send us e-mails, reviews, and letters in which they express their satisfaction and feelings; we invite to visit our site and read more reviews. For example Carmen, “I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent staff with your company, beginning with Mr. Luis the receptionist he was extremely cordial and made me feel welcome, My dentist Dr. Emmanuel was beyond the excellent work, I don't recall ever having such efficient work I am very pleased with his skill and very appreciative for him and his assistant.”

We invite you to be part of the Sani Dental Experience, come to one of the best dental clinics in the country and the largest dental clinic Los Algodones allow our professionals to treat you and be part of the best dental experience the city has to offer.

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