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Sani Dental Group Experience

Many of us have experience a weird taste after brushing your teeth, the reason for this is sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES), or sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS); both of these chemicals mess with our taste buds and caused the weird taste. Does this sound relate? We are sure that all of us have experienced this may times during the day, but imagine that food’s bitter taste was caused for another reason.
Dental diseases like Tooth Abscess, Gum Disease or Tooth Decay can make food taste horrible; Sani Dental Group invites you to come to Los Algodones, allow our team of professionals to help and avoid these experiences.

My Sani Dental Group Experience

In recent years I have been experiencing this horrible flavor in everything I eat and my beloved has told me that lately my breath hasn't been minty fresh. I decided to go to the dentist and see if we could find the root of this problem, once at the dentist my doctor told that I had the following problems: tooth abscess and this has led to tooth decay.

These cavities have caused my mouth to experience pain, have caused bad breath and for food to taste horrible. I ask my dentist what he recommended me and my dentist told me that the first thing they must do is drain the abscess and rid the area of the infection, afterward the area will be analyze and if the tooth could be saved a root canal will be performed; if my tooth couldn’t be save, these would be extracted and either a crown or bride could be used to restore my smile. All this sounded perfect, but it all went down when they told me the price. The price was high, higher that what I had expected or had budget for. I returned home and decided to do some research in the internet, this is how I found Trip Advisor and a particular dental clinic caught my attention, Sani Dental Group.

I quickly contacted them and explained to the patient coordinator the situation and he quickly sought out a solution. He explain to me that an opening was available next week and that with my approval this problem could be taken care of within a week. I talked it over with my husband and we decide to go and take care of my dental problems. I headed to Sani Dental Group – Alamo; the dentist here are excellent, Sani quickly took care of the problem. Within a few hours all of my oral needs were taken care of and I soon returned to the hotel. The next day, the moment of truth arrive, my husband and I order breakfast and I must say, that was one of the best breakfast that I have had in a long time. Finally the food tasted right, not bitter, no foul taste, no plain taste; it simple tasted right, the way that it should. I wanted to thank Sani Dental Group and its team of professional dentists for everything they did for me, thanks to them I once again am able to eat, enjoy the food I eat, enjoy my smile and enjoy my life like before.

Sani’s Reviews

This is a story we recently receive from a patient, in 2014 Sani Dental Group helped more than 7,000 patients in a variety of dental treatments; every from routine clean ups to more “complex” dental surgeries. We invite to visit our website and read more reviews, read the satisfying dental experience our visitors have. For example Jurgen and Judith Engelhardt, “We were very favorable impressed with the quality of work done by the whole team - from receptionist, to dentists, to assistants, and cleaning staff. All of the work we had done was accomplished in 3 days, and were happy to wait in a comfortable setting for our turns. Thank you to all at Sani-Dental Group Platinum.”

We invite you to be part of the Sani Dental Experience, come to one of the best dental clinics in the country and the largest dental clinic Los Algodones offers you. If you are experiencing any dental problems, why not set up an appointment with our patient coordinators, you don’t have to suffer bad breath, bitter taste in the mouth or any other dental problem, allow us to take care of all your oral need and be part of the Sani Dental Experience.

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