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Sani Dental Group Experience

A visit to a clinic involves many struggles, on one hand one has to deal with the pressure of family member at the doctor's; in addition one has to deal the high costs of medicines, dealing with the clinic staff, the fears and the smells, things that make us feel uneasy the smells that uneasy our stomach. After the medical procedure has been performed, both the patient and their family have to deal with other problems, long recoveries, food that doesn’t always taste or smell good; but visiting Sani Dental Group change all of this, coming to Los Algodones is a completely different experience and traveling to the city is definitely worth it.

My Sani Dental Group Experience

After my dad’s surgery I told myself that I never wanted to return to a clinic, seeing him suffer made me feel un easy and every time I went to see how he was doing, all I remember was horrible smell of medicine throughout the clinic, the site of people suffering and the unpleasant smell of the food my father had to eat. Thank God my father recover and everything soon return to normal.

Years pass and my turn to visit the doctors came, let’s face it we cannot be forever young. In some recent years my gums have become inflamed and I have felt much pain. I visit dentist in my local area but I was not convince with the price range they offered me. It is at this time that my friend recommended me to trip-advisor and meet Sani Dental Group. I contact them and set up an appointment with their patient coordinator and travel to a small town in Mexico called Los Algodones.

The city of Los Algodones was beautiful, it’s a small town with a classic Mexican touch and smells. I had the opportunity of staying in this lovely hotel, Hacienda – Los Algodones. The hotel was lovely, beautiful traditional colors, textures and scents; to be honest the kitchen display a variety of smells, all of them pleasant to my nose. Time pass and I headed to Sani Dental Group – Alamo, once in the clinic everything was different than any previous experience I have had, my visit to Sani was an excellent experience. First of all the staff was friend and in the waiting room the scent of medicine was not present, instead the dental clinic smell clean and other pleasant odors. The dentist that attended me during the diagnosis also smell clean and nice, he explain to me that the gum disease had reduce the length of my jaw bone and to restore my smile a Bone Graft procedure, Laser Cleaning and a Dental Implant will be required. The dentist showed me the price of the procedures and gave me a min. to think about. The price was excellent, I know I save a lot of money; the procedure began and I let Sani’s professional take care of all my oral needs.

The procedures ended and I head to back to the hotel, it is at this time that I notice, there was no horrible smell of medicine throughout the dental clinic, this was a relief. I stayed in the city for a week and after a few days I tour Los Algodones and saw everything the city had to offer me.

Sani’s Reviews

The above is an e-mail is a story we receive from one of our patients on a daily basis Sani Dental Group receives e-mails and reviews, we invite you to visit our site, to read and review more examples. For example Jem A. review, “Where do I begin?!? I am soooo grateful for the work I received here at the Sani Dental Group Platinum facility. They went ABOVE AND BEYOND their way to make sure I was happy with the results.”

We invite you to be part of the Sani Dental Experience, choose a dental clinic that goes the extra mile; Los Algodones offers you many dental clinics, but none like Sani Dental Group. Come to the largest and most complete dental clinic the city has offer you, allow our professionals to treat you and be part of the best dental experience the city has to offer.

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