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Sani Dental Group Experience

Going to the dentist has always been a terrifying experience for me, just listening to the sound of the drills put me on the edge; however when visiting Sani Dental Group my experience changed. When I visited Los Algodones, well all I can say is that coming to this dental clinic is worth it.

My Sani Dental Group Experience

From start to finish my experience at Sani was fascinating! I admit, I was very nervous and afraid of going to the dentist, but when the patient coordinator answered the phone and started hearing my problem and explained to me what was the problem and solution option I was truly grateful. I especially admire my coordinator’s tone of voice, her calm tone tranquilize me and made me feel welcome. She was kind enough to help set up the appointment and thanks to Sani Dental Group having their own Hotel, lodging did not became a problem that I had to worry about.

Once in the city, I was greeted by a kind chuffer who took me to the facilities, when in the dental clinic I was afraid that all the sounds inside were going to be the sounds of drills, creepy dentists or the screams of patients; but Sani without a doubt is different. At Sani Dental Group - Alamo, I was greeted by a friendly receptionist and once I enter the chair my experience was incredible, Sani Dental Group had no sounds of drills and dentist had a friendly tone of voice, yet professional. From what he told me I could tell that he knew about my dental problem and that he was going to do everything to give me the personalize attention that I deserve.

During the LANAP procedure I ask my dentist if I could use my phone and listen to music, he agree and this help me relax. This visit to the dentist was very satisfying, very relaxing and I was able to keep calm throughout the entire dental procedure. Afterwards my dentist explain to me that listening to music helps to lower anxiety during dental procedures, in other words less sedative medication and pain killers will be needed and it can help speed up mi recovery.

My dentist also explain to me that listening to music after my dental procedure will help to reduce pain and improve my mood; he even recommended a few tones that would help me. Hearing smooth melodies, slow tempo (60-80 beat p/min), with low volume ≤ 60 decibels and of course with no lyrics (lyrics can cause stimulation).

Sani’s Reviews

The above mention is an email that one of our patients sent to us, this is just one of many reviews and examples Sani Dental Group receive on a daily basis, we invite you to visit our page, read and review more examples. For example David’s Review, "after a severe car accident where I lost most of my front teeth his life drastically changed"; but thanks our team of professionals David smile was restore.

We invite you to come and see all the sounds, all the culture and all the music Los Algodones has to offer you; experience firsthand our dentists and staff friendly words. Sani Dental Group is the largest dental clinic in the city and with all the service we have for you, we invite you to be part of the Sani Dental Group Experience.

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