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Sani Dental Group - Present at the MTA

During the month of September, a global non-profit association gets together and organizes the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress (WMTC). The MTA works together with healthcare providers, the governments, insurance companies, employers, and other healthcare buyers – all associated with medical tourism, international patients, and healthcare initiatives – their focus is to raise visitors awareness of international healthcare options and provide you the newest, most updated information associated with Medical Tourism.

MTA Congress

Every year Medical Tourism is expanding, and organizations like the MTA knows the impact medical tourism is having on societies. They understand that today's patients are surfing the internet or other sources of information seeking affordable medical services, even if they have to travel to another country.

Knowing the importance of medical tourism, the MTA set out to offer healthcare providers and their organizations a place where many can come together to discuss: new medical treatments, the top international hospitals, healthcare providers, insurance companies, medical travel facilitators, and other affiliated companies.

Sani Dental Group present in the WMTC

In 2015, the 8th Annual World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress took place in Orlando, FL on September 27th-30th, 2015. Sani Dental Group was present in this occasion where we participated in many of the conferences offered and letting visitors know all the services our dental clinics have for you. We also explained visitors our All in 1 concept. Our new facility will offer our visitors many new medical services, all in one location.

During the event, we participated in several workshops enhancing our knowledge, met other cultures, new medical tourism facilitators, and attended multiple medical tourism conferences. Sani Dental Group is a proud member of the MTA, through their advice, education, and accreditations; Sani Dental Group has been able to take our facilities to a new level.

The goals of the WMTC is to improve Medical Tourism services, that’s why the Medical Tourism Association (MTA) develops every year the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress. The MTA knows that every year new technologies are being developed in the medical field and through this congress several can benefit from it. The MTA knows that with this new information health care providers will be able to offer a better support and satisfy all of our patient’s needs.

We invite you to learn more and see how the MTA can assist in all of your medical needs. Also, we invite you to visit Sani Dental Group and experience by yourself all the dental benefits Sani has for you.