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San Diego 2015 Comic Con

San Diego is currently in celebration, Comic Con is here and everyone wants to be part of the celebration. This weekend San Diego will held Comic Con and will receive many enthusiastic visitors; to all true believers out there we invite you to come to San Diego and be part of the city celebration and rich history.

History of San Diego Comic Con

The international multi-genre convention has been held annually in San Diego, California since 1970. Originally it was founded as the Golden State Comic Book Convention, when a group of San Diego native got together to talk about comics; the group consisted of Shel Dorf, Richard Alf, Ken Krueger, and Mike Towry. The four day event (Thursday–Sunday), later called the "San Diego Comic Book Convention", has had thousands of visitors every year and every year the surprises don’t seem to end. Today many of us know it either as Comic-Con or San Diego Comic-Con or "SDCC". Every year the enthusiastic visitors wait for the Wednesday prior to the official opening Comic Con, they know that there will be a preview for professionals, exhibitors, and select guests.

Hall H

The famous Hall H is an attraction that has recently caught many visitors attention. However, why is Hall H so important? Here in Hall H is where all the previews are shown; everything from future movies, to actors appearing in character, and even teaser footage. These are only a few reason while many camp-out in Plaza Park, here is a list of events has consider the most significant moments in Hall H.

2006: Kevin Feige Predicts: The Avengers
2007: Dark Knight Viral Takes Over San Diego
2007: First Iron Man Trailer Debut
2008: Twilight Fans Take Over Hall H
2008: Tron Legacy Announced Via a Surprise Trailer
2009: Saying Goodbye to Lost
2009: James Cameron Previews 25 Minutes of Avatar
2010: Scott Pilgrim vs. San Diego
2010: Avengers Cast Has On-Stage Roll Call
2011: Andrew Garfield Shows Up In Spider-Man Costume to Give Emotional Speech
2012: Hall H Screen Expands Around the Audience
2012: Surprise Godzilla Teaser Trailer
2013: Loki Shows up
2013/2014: Batman V Superman Announcement and Dawn of Justice Teaser Footage Screened

As we can see SDCC is a family event we all should visit at least once in our life time. Hall H never ceases to surprise and here at Sani Dental Group we guarantee that all who visit will come out with a smile. To keep your smile healthy and strong we invite you to come to Los Algodones and visit Sani Dental Group. If you are busy at Comic Con and are unable to visit, why not subscribe to our Newsletter or visit our blog? We are constantly updating our blog and in it you will find dental topics, cultural information, a wide variety of tips, customer reviews, exclusive promotions just for you and much more.