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Post-Surgery Oral Care: Dental Surgeries

During the month of March Sani Dental Group experience an increase in the number of dental surgeries performed. Many of our patients took advantage of our Newsletter promotion and bone graft surgery was performed in them. During the month of April we have analyzed the post-surgery oral cares one must do after experiencing a dental procedure. If you were one of the many patients who recently had an oral surgery performed we invite you to read this post.

In this post we will offer you a few steps one must follow in order to have better outcomes. A dental surgery can be quite stressful, these are the recommendations we offer you after an Extraction, a Root Canal, Bone Graft Surgery, Apicoectomy or Sinus Lift surgery has been performed by our professionals.

Prevent and Control

To Control Bleeding:

  • Keep biting the gauze with moderate pressure for at least 30 to 45 minutes, then throw it away and do not put anything in the wound.

In the Event of Bleeding:

  • Do not rinse or spit the saliva onto a napkin or towel.
  • Swallow the saliva.
  • Place sterile gauze and bite it for 1 hour without speaking or lying down.
  • Keep applying cold compress in the affected area outside the mouth (in the check around the affected area).

For Swelling or Inflammation:

  • Protect your skin by placing an ice pack on the skin in the region of the extraction. In 10 minutes intervals for the first 8 hours.
  • Take painkillers prescribed by your dentist.

To Control the Infection:

  • You can apply Chlorhexidine gel; it helps to heal and keeps the bacteria off the wound.
  • You may be prescribed antibiotics, check with your dentist.
  • In the case of Sinus Lift you should not travel by air within 7 to 10 days.
  • You must not blow your nose and if you need to sneeze do so with your mouth open; doing so can cause the bony material to be displaced.
  • Do not lift weight or perform physical exertion during a month.
  • If your Sinus is bleeding contact your doctor.

Things one Should and Shouldn’t Do

Do Not Spit

  • This is extremely important because the action of spitting removes the clot, that is stopping the bleeding and helping the wound to heal, and starts a new bleeding, therefore you must swallow the saliva.


  • Wait until the numbness in your mouth wears off.
  • Avoid greasy food, cold and hot liquids.
  • Don’t drink with a straw.
  • Avoid dairy products for 4-5 days because they help the bacteria to grow.

Tooth Brushing:

  • Brush after every meal with care trying not to hurt the surgical area and carefully do the action of spitting for 24 hours, but only put water in his mouth and open so that the water comes out.
  • Avoid rubbing your tongue in the affect area.


  • 24 hours after surgery do warm salt water, rinses multiple times a day.

No Smoking:

  • Smoking reduces the flow of oxygen into the tissue, making the healing process longer and more painful.

What we Should Avoid

Physical activity:

  • You do not need to rest in bed and avoid physical effort. Physical Activity can increase bleeding.

To Avoid Muscle Stiffness:

  • Do exercises to open and close the mouth several times a day.


  • Keep your head higher than the rest of the body. If you lie flat, bleeding will be prolonged.
  • Do not rely on your face.

For the Pain:

  • Take the analgesic prescribed by your dentist.
  • Never take aspirin before or after your operation.

If you have recently visit Los Algodones and have had an oral surgery performed by our team of professionals we invite you to take a minute to read this post. There are many steps one should be aware off to have the best outcomes possible. Keep in mind that our team of professionals have years of experience and are capable of both explaining Post-Surgery Oral Care steps you should take and are capable of performing “complex” dental surgeries.

Come to Sani Dental Group and allow our dentist to take care of your oral needs. Contact one of our patient coordinators and set up an appointment with our dental clinic, let Sani Dental Group take care of all your oral needs and all the post-surgery needs and concerns you might have, do not protect you smile enhance it!

The steps and procedures mentioned in this post are procedures available in the medical field; however, not all these treatments and procedures are perform at Sani Dental Group. To confirm if this procedure is perform at our dental clinics, please contact us directly.