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Post-Surgery Oral Care: Dental Implants

We have analyze what post-surgery oral cares one must do after dental cleaning or dental cosmetics surgery has been performed. For this week Sani Dental Group will like to offer you more easy tips, our dental clinic is concern with your health and would like to help all of our patients who had recently had a dental implant surgery.

After the procedure is done we invite you to read our Post-Surgery Oral Care: Dental Implants to help you have better outcomes. A dental implant surgery can be quite traumatic, but through the help and professional assistance of out dentists you have nothing to worry about.

Dental Implants Postoperative Care

The following information provides some useful tips to help aid the healing process of teeth implants. If local anesthetic is used, the effects of local anesthetic normally last 3-4 hours. To avoid damage to your tongue, cheeks or lips; you should avoid chewing until the numbness has completely worn off.

First and Second Weeks

  • Eating:
    • Avoid any excessive pressure onto the teeth implants/dressing area. This is very important. You should only eat soft nutritious food for two weeks. Avoid hard sticky foods. Maintain a soft, high protein diet.
    • Avoid pushing your tongue near the dental implant area for at least 2 - 4 weeks.
  • Medication:
    • Take antibiotics and pain relieving pills as prescribed. Finish the course of antibiotics. If you have a reaction to the medication, please telephone the practice. Only take painkillers when needed.
  • Hygiene:
    • Avoid brushing the area with the dressing and dental implant. Rinse with Corsodyl Mouthwash twice a day. This keeps the teeth implant area clean and undisturbed.
  • Exercise:
    • Avoid physical exertion (i.e. sports, heavy lifting etc). This can cause bleeding around the dental implant.
  • Alcohol:
    • Avoid alcohol for 2 weeks as this can affect the healing of the tissues around the dental implant.
  • Smoking:
    • Avoid smoking for 3 days before treatment and 2 weeks after as this will also slow down the healing process around the teeth implant.
  • Food & Drink:
    • Avoid very hot drinks and spicy/acidic foods. Do not eat hard crusty foods as this can cause more pressure on the teeth implant.
    • A surgical dressing will be placed around the teeth implant area after surgery. This should remain in place for about two weeks.
    • Do not use a toothpick or touch the dental implant area with your tongue.
  • Ice Packs:
    • A cold icepack should be applied externally over the teeth implant treated area as much as possible for the first three days. This helps reduce swelling.
  • Denture Wear:
    • If you wear a denture, this will be relieved so that no pressure is applied to the dental implant(s). The denture is placed with a protective dressing and should not be removed for 2 weeks.

Third Week

  • Lightly brush the dental implant area after the dressing has been removed (normally two weeks after the surgery). You can dip your toothbrush in Corsodyl liquid and brush gently around the treated areas.

Fourth Week

  • Resume normal cleaning around the dental implant area.
  • Note: It is very important that you maintain your oral hygiene and home care at a high standard to ensure no plaque builds up around the gums, and that you attend the regular check-up appointments. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Sani Dental Group want your recovery to be as smooth and pleasant as possible and it is vital to follow these instructions very carefully. Los Algodones is the capital of dental tourism, but the largest dental clinic the city has is our dental clinic, we invite you to come and visit the city and dental clinic that cares about you.

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The steps and procedures mentioned in this post are procedures available in the medical field; however, not all these treatments and procedures are perform at Sani Dental Group. To confirm if this procedure is perform at our dental clinics, please contact us directly.