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Pizza - Bad for your Teeth?

How would you describe a pizza? Maybe with words like cheesy, saucy, spicy, tasty, hot, crispy, or simply delicious.

Unfortunately, even this delicious dish can harm our oral health. Imagine you are at your favorite Italian restaurant, and you have just ordered your favorite pizza.

The restaurant has a built-in brick oven – this means, you can enjoy a fresh, steaming hot delicious pizza. Sadly, pizza (as well as many other hot foods) can cause a painful oral injury known as pizza burn.

Pizza Burn – What is it?

When an overly enthusiastic consumer, bites into a slice of pizza that’s too hot, the roof of your mouth will be burned. This burn can result in a dangling flap of skin on the top of your mouth. There are several factors that can contribute to pizza burn. The main reason is the extreme temperatures the oven can reach.

FACT: A commercial pizza oven can reach temperatures of 800 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.


If you wish to avoid a pizza burn, Sani Dental Group recommends you wait a few minutes, before consuming the delicious dish. Not waiting long enough, can cause that bubbling cheese or steamy tomato sauce to instantly sear the roof of our mouth. The question some might ask is why? 

Simple is because the hot melted cheese, tomato sauce, and deep-fried items can stick to the top of our mouth.

The inside of our mouths is made up of sensitive and thin tissue. This sensitive and thin tissue makes our mouth more susceptible to burns, when to other tissues in our body. Why is this tissue so sensitive, you may ask?

Actually, it’s for our own good, in order to fully appreciate the taste and flavor food and drinks offer, this skin needs to be delicate.

When injured, the area could remain sensitive and tender for several days. In addition to sensitivity, the burn area also becomes more prone to infections.

If your pizza burn is severe, Sani advises you to visit the dentist.  We are all entitled to enjoy our favorite meals, dishes like pizza are delicious and we deserve to eat them, with our any problems. Oral problems can be avoided and below we will tell you how.

Treating a Burn

Minor burns can easily be treated with home remedies, first-degree burns won’t require treatment from your doctor. In fact, treating these burns is relatively easy, you can try:

  • Drink something cool or frozen.
  • Drink cool milk – milk can coat your mouth and provide relief that water cannot.
  • If “severe” you may need to take over-the-counter pain medication and consider visiting your dentists.

While, in the healing process, we advise you to avoid crunchy foods or foods with sharp ends, these can aggravate that sensitive area. You opt to eat foods that are cool and soft, at least until the healing process is complete.

Pizza Burn can lead to infections, if this is your case, grab an antibacterial mouthwash and make gargles for a few minutes. Another option a warm salt-water rinse, this will also help to ease burning and reduce swelling. 

FACT: The injured area could remain sensitive for at least a week to ten days.

However, if you have a more severe burn, 2nd – 3rd-degree burns, you need to seek your dentist. 

When it’s time to see the Doctor? At first, you might think that the burn is not that serious, but after a few minutes, you notice that the burn is actually a 2nd or 3rd-degree burn. Symptoms for these deeper burns include: 

  • Blisters
  • Redness
  • Severe Pain
  • Swelling

A blister can also lead to pus pocket build-up. A 3rd-degree burn can make you more vulnerable to infections and may even affect the nerves in your mouth. It’s important for you to take care of this infection before the infection enters your nervous system. 

Prevent this pain, wait a few min and enjoy your favorite pizza. If you experience extreme dental pain, come and visit the best team of dentists in Mexico, come to Sani Dental Group.  

Why I love pizza!

Ever since we were young, all of us can cherish memory in which we are enjoying a delicious slice of pizza.

Many of us can remember pizza day at their school’s cafeteria or pizza parties at sleepovers. Without a doubt for one reason or another pizza has developed a special place in our hearts.  

There is nothing, but nothing more exciting than opening that cardboard box to reveal a delicious round pie with eight slices waiting to be devoured.

Today there are many pizza combinations and everyone has learned to eat their pizza differently.

Some start from the crust, others fold their slice in half, and some (dare I say) like to cut their pizza with a fork and knife.

Yes, there are different ways to eat a pizza and we all live for that first bite.  We all live to savor the crust, the dough, the tasty sauce, melting cheese (cheeses), and the multiple mouthwatering ingredients.

Why do you love pizza? We invite you to share your favorite pizza stories with us – click here

For Sani Dental Group, your oral health is our priority, but we know that being able to enjoy a delicious pizza pie is something that everyone should experience.

However, a Pizza Burn is not something you should experience. Pizza is one of the most popular Italian dishes, if not the most popular one, and we are all entitled to take pleasure in the wide variety of joys this pie offers you.

If you experience a pizza burn, give us a call and allow one of our patient coordinators to assist you.

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If you are going to treat yourself, treat yourself with a team of professionals you can trust, come and visit one of the best teams of dentists in Mexico – after all, you deserve it.