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Pet's Dental Health - Everything You Need to Know

How often do you think about your pet's dental health? Probably not as much as you should. Your pets can also develop dental sufferings like bad breath, gum disease, bleeding gums, etc. And just like us, dental diseases on your pets can affect their overall health. That is why today we share with you everything you need to know about your pet's dental health. Don't forget that healthy teeth mean a healthy smile, and a healthy smile is priceless.

It's important to note that Sani Dental Group does not attend animals in any of our clinics. 

The Importance of Pet's Dental Health

When we talk about health (human or animal), the best word to keep in mind is prevention. Your pets can't tell you when they're feeling pain, and less where's the place that is hurting them. In most cases, when you notice that something is wrong with your pet and visit the veterinarian, the disease is in an advanced level. That's the reason why your pet's dental health is so important. Here are some of the diseases your pet can get and how to prevent them.

Periodontal Disease

Yes, your pet can also suffer of periodontal disease. This is because plaque is also built up on your pet's teeth when you don't provide it of an adequate oral hygiene. Periodontal disease in its final stage is really painful for your pets, so don't let it happen.

Give to your dog tartar-control kibble and treats that contain antimicrobial chlorhexidine. These are helpful to prevent plaque development. You should also brush your pet's teeth on a regular basis and provide it some hard toys to chew on. By doing this and visiting the veterinarian for oral examinations, there's no reason why your pet could get this disease.


It occurs because of the persistent presence of bacterial organisms on your pet's bloodstream. One of the reasons it happens is because of bad oral hygiene. Bacteria on your pet's mouth grow and invade its bloodstream via gums. If it's not treated, a serious disease known as bacterial endocarditis can threaten your pet's life.

The best way to prevent bacteremia and bacterial endocarditis is by brushing your pet's teeth. This is something that many people don't even consider necessary, but if you want to enjoy the company of your pet for a long time, you need to brush its teeth.

Tooth Resorption

Tooth resorption is one of the most common diseases in cats, but dogs are not exempt. It is the gradual destruction of a tooth or teeth caused by cells called odontoclasts. This disease often looks as though gum tissue is growing over the tooth. It may also appear as a hole in the tooth. On its final stage, tooth resorption causes the loss of dental hard tissue and the integrity of the teeth.

Although the exact cause of tooth resorption is still a mystery, you can prevent it by taking care of your pet's oral hygiene. Brushing and regular visits to the veterinarian can help you detect this disease on an early stage and treat it.

A Few Extra Tips for your Pet's Dental Health

  • Check on a regular basis if your pet has any of the following symptoms:
    • Bad breath
    • Excessive drooling
    • Inflamed gums
    • Gum Tumors
    • Cysts under the tongue
    • Loose teeth
  • Provide your pet with chew toys to satisfy its natural desire to chomp, while making his teeth strong.
  • Like you with your dentist, make sure that your pet visits the veterinarian at least twice a year. Remember that prevention is the most important thing to consider to have a healthy life.

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