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Osteoarthritis Causes and Treatment

Athlete’s often fear post damage injuries can cause, especially when the impact is severe. A sport injury can cause broken bones, damage in joints, chipped teeth, torn muscles and worst case scenario hospital stays. In a recent post; NFL and NHL Dental Facts we describe the oral problems a NFL or NHL player could face and offered a few recommendations to protect their teeth.

However, both hockey and football are often consider extreme sports, but what about normal sports? Well in the case of tennis and golf, the players’ joints, cartilage and tendons are at higher risk of suffering an injury. In both sports players are at risk of developing osteoarthritis, if the proper preventive measure are not taken.

Basics of Osteoarthritis


Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis (a term that means inflammation of the joint), with this disease the cartilage in joints begin to breakdown and this problem can occur in almost any joint of your body.

As mention osteoarthritis can affect your entire body, the disease can deformed ligaments in your fingers, thumbs, neck, toes, the hip, your spine and knees. Osteoarthritis (also called OA) will affect one joint (area) each time, other joints will not be affected unless a previous injury, excessive stress or cartilage disorders has occurred.

When cartilage is healthy it is a firm, rubbery substance that serves as a shock-absorber; reducing friction between bones and joints. This shock-absorbing quality found in healthy cartilage, comes from its ability to change shape when compress or pressed in movement.

Who Gets Osteoarthritis and its Causes?

All of us are prone to get osteoarthritis and if the problem worsens, you might need an arthroscopic surgery to restore movement. The most common causes of osteoarthritis are:

Family Heritage

OA is a disease that runs in the family, if your parents, grandparents, or siblings have osteoarthritis you are at higher risk of having joint problems. Learning your family’s health history and sharing this information with your doctor will help him develop the best treatment plan for you.

Studies have demonstrated that diagnosis of arthritis heavily relies on your medical history and having good communication with your doctor.

Game Injuries

While playing sports an injury can occur and many have occurred, unfortunately these injuries cause numerous traumas and some can lead to osteoarthritis. Sport injuries that lead to osteoarthritis include:

  • Torn Cartilage
  • Dislocated Joints
  • Ligament Injuries

Fact: Studies demonstrate that 41 out 51 sports-related knee traumas, will show signs of OA in the future.


Gender plays an important role in osteoarthritis, at a young age both men and women have equal “opportunities” to develop joint problems; however once you reach 55, women are more likely to developed the symptoms of OA.

OA and Bleeding

People who suffer some sort of bleeding disorder (for example, hemophilia or avascular necrosis) are at higher risk of developing osteoarthritis or of developing new symptoms associated with arthritis. Knowing the symptoms will help you prevent this and many other similar diseases.

The Job

Some of the hobbies you perform or the job you do for a living could increase the risk of arthritis, remember osteoarthritis is often referred to as a “wear and tear” disease. People who perform physical labor, kneel, squat or claim stairs; need to be careful and do the necessary steps to prevent cartilage damage, joint pain and stiffness.


Although we are all prone to develop arthritis or osteoarthritis, if we are extra heavy our risk of developing osteoarthritis increases by 4 - 5 times. If you are concerned or are experiencing joint pain (especially in your knee) visit your doctor and ask him/her to developed and appropriate weight loss plan.

Wisdom Comes with Age among Other Things

Even though arthritis is a joint problem commonly associated with older adults, QA is not restricted to baby boomers and middle-aged populations. Young people are also at risk of developing arthritis as a direct result of traumas or genetics. Younger adults can also feel joint stiffness, joint pain and limited range of motion; if not careful the disease can worsen and develop osteoarthritis.

As we can see, this joint problem can be very severe and effects numerous of persons, both elderly and young. Our dental clinic in Los Algodones, care about your health and understands the importance of taking the proper preventive steps to avoid the development of osteoarthritis.

Even though we specialize in oral treatments; in 2015 Sani Dental Group will offer our patients new facilities that can treat arthritis.

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