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Oral Cancer

The month of July is a special month for both Americans and Canadians, each has unique holidays this month. Canadians celebrate Canada Day and in the case of the United States, we celebrate our Independence on July 4. In both celebrations, there are outdoor public events, these include parades, carnivals, barbecues, concerts and of course fireworks.

Imagine you are with your family enjoying the moment, but lately you have been experiencing soreness and pain in your throat. What can cause this pain? There are several reasons, the most common reason is a cough. 

However, it's important that you have the molestation properly diagnosed. In some cases, this harmless ache can actually be something else. A possible result from the diagnosis is that you have Oral Cancer.

Oral Cancer

There is so many disease that affect today’s society, some are curable and others are simply deadly. 

Cancer is a malignant abnormal growth of cells/tissue. Today scientists today have identified 100 types of cancers, the most common including the brain, breast, colon, liver, lung, lymph nodes, prostate and/or skin.

In the case of oral cancer, the lesion occurs when abnormal growth happens in the lips, tongue, cheeks, pharynx and its surrounding areas.

Symptoms of Oral Cancer

The most common symptom of oral cancer include:

  • Development of white or red patches in the mouth
  • Unexplained bleeding in the mouth
  • Unexplained numbness or pain in the face, mouth or neck
  • Chronic sore throat
  • Unexplained change of voice
  • Ear pain
  • Dramatic weight loss
  • Difficulty chewing or swallowing foods
  • Sores on the face, neck or mouth (these are persistent and do not heal within 2 weeks)

Who Gets Oral Cancer?

People who have the following habits are at higher risk of developing oral cancer. There are two main causes that lead to oral cancer.

  • Smoking
  • Family History

Those who smoke cigarettes, cigars or a pipe are six times more likely to develop cancer than nonsmokers. Regarding family history, smokers have an increased risk of developing numerous types of cancers. Our dentists, recommend our patients to avoid or reduce smoking and drinking as these habits increase the risk of developing oral cancer.

In the United States, the American Cancer Society estimated that 35,000 patients in the U.S. were diagnosed with oral cancer. In a more recent study, statistics by the ACS estimates that in 2014, diagnosed patients will have the following results:

About 37,000 people will get oral or oropharyngeal cancer.

  • An estimated 7,300 people will die of these cancers.
  • Fact: 25% of all oral cancer occurred to people who do not smoke or drink excessively.

Diagnosing Oral Cancer

On a routine dental exam, your dentist can conduct tests to screen for oral cancer. The dentist will check for lumps or irregular tissue on your face head, neck and surrounding oral cavities. The dentist will pay extra attention to sores and discolored tissue and check for any of the symptoms mentions above.

To provide patients, a better diagnose the dentist may perform a biopsy and send the tissue to the lab. To perform the biopsy your dentist will apply local anesthesia and remove the suspicious tissue; these tests are required to prevent cancer from spreading.

Once you visit our dental clinic our professional dentist can diagnose irregular tissue and provide you in detail what disease is bothering you.

For Sani Dental Group, your oral health is important. In addition to taking care of your teeth, we want you to spend enjoyable moments with your family. Keep your oral cavity clean and safe from diseases.

Our professionals recommend all of our patients to visit your dentist at the first sight of an inconvenience in your face, neck or mouth. When oral cancer is diagnosed and detected on time the risk of spreading this disease is drastically reduced.