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Nobel Biocare

Losing a great number of your teeth is bad news, but not being able to get proper replacements is simply tragic. However, many Americans without teeth have been able to get full mouth reconstruction solutions at Sani Dental Group, in Los Algodones, Mexico, just 5 minutes south of the border near Yuma, Arizona. Why settle for simple dentures when you can have dental restorations with the quality and credibility of Nobel Biocare.

Nobel Biocare is a world leader in innovative restorative and esthetic dental solutions and a proven history of providing dental professionals with state-of-the-art evidence-based tooth-to-root solutions.

One of their best options is their All-on-Four dental solution for patients who have lost many of their teeth to trauma or disease. This type of restoration was developed to give patients a full-arch prosthesis that requires the insertion of only 4 dental implants. This arch functions like a denture, except that it’s fixed. This permanent solution gives patients the full stability and strength of their jaw, just like regular teeth and requires very little care beyond what natural teeth require.

One advantage of the Nobel Biocare All-on-Four solution over other systems is that it requires much less bone volume than its competitors. Since dental implants, which form the basis for all-on-four restorations, require enough jawbone to achieve osseo-integration (the natural fusion of the implant and the bone), this is a significant advantage as it reduces the need of obtaining extra bone from another part of the body, typically the hip, via a surgery, a procedure called bone grafting.

However, the most important advantage of Nobel Biocare solutions is the quality. Nobel Biocare All-on-Four restorations are based on their Nobel Guide treatment concept, a concept that has consistently given positive outcomes for patients around the world. The Nobel Guide Software eliminates human error from the process and allows for accurate diagnostics, identification of viable bone, and the virtual projection of the solution, based on the needs of the patient and anatomical situation of his or her teeth. As a result, the process is less risky, less intrusive, takes less time to recover and has a higher success rate than other options.

Many Americans that otherwise would have had to settle for dentures have received complete arch restorations with affordable Nobel Biocare All-on-Four solutions at Sani Dental Group. Isn’t it time to enjoy eating and smile with confidence again? Call Sani Dental Group today for a free consultation.