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Mother's Day

Most of us have a special someone in our life; some even have more than one special person in their life. One of the most important persons’ in our life is our Mother. Why? There are a multiple of reasons, why our mother is a significant person in our life. Let’s keep in mind that the maternal figure is so important, that she even has her own day; Mothers’ Day, a celebration dedicated to her, honoring mothers, grandmothers and all maternal figures that exist in our life.

The Origins, the Current Tradition

A celebration that can be traced to the ancient Greeks and the Romans, in ancient times Romans and Greeks would pay their tributes to the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele. Both deities had exclusive worshiping in their cultures and were considered the “mothers of gods”. In the past this celebration had religious origins, today Mothers’ Dayhas transform from a religious idea to a more traditional and commercial idea. Is very common to see children and grown-ups; purchase flowers, purchase gifts, make letter and dedicate their time to make their mother' smile.

During the Civil War (1861-1865 USA)

During the Civil War, the United States was going through several difficulties; there were several bodies that needed cared, ideas were revolving and slavery was about to end. To aid the children understand the events occurring in their surroundings and help families in the community combat childhood diseases and unsanitary conditions; a women took charge and became an activist, her name Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis.

Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis created the club, Mothers’ Day Work Clubs, with the idea to educate communities, reduce diseases and prevent infant mortality. Together they develop fundraisers to raise money for medicines and to hire women to work in families that had suffered loss in the family or had other health problems. A significant quality that Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis had is her neutrality during the time of war. Unlike many of her contemporaneous, Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis provide aid to both Confederate and Union soldiers, she publicly offered prayers for soldiers of both sides and under her guidance, the clubs fed and clothed both Confederate and Union soldiers.

After the end of the Civil War, Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis continue to help the community stay together her efforts included: sharing messages of reconciliation and unity, she publically spoke on a wide variety of topics and throughout her life she strived to honor and help mothers everywhere. In one occasion her daughter, Anna Marie Jarvis, recalled her mother praying for someone to start day to commemorate and honor mothers for all the sacrifices they make. For this reason Anna Jarvis, made efforts an organized a day to commemorate mothers everywhere; with the help of John Wanamaker, a department store owner, the first Mothers’ Day service was held in Grafton, West Virginia in May 10, 1908. By 1914, Anna Jarvis efforts and dedication paid off, President Woodrow Wilson declared the second Sunday of May as a new national holiday called Mother’s Day.

The Celebrations and Traditions

Mothers’ Day is a holiday celebrated throughout the world; the traditions and time will vary from one area to another, but one thing remains the same; this a especial day to remember the maternal figures that exist in our lives. In the United States, for Mothers’ Day, families celebrate by giving the maternal figures a day off from work, house chores and taking them out to eat to fancy restaurant, give them letters and just make them feel good.

At Sani Dental Group we know the importance of spending time with the family and your love ones and with that special woman in your life, your Mother. We hope that you all have an excellent Mothers’ Day allow your mother enjoy her day. We know you will be taking her out to a restaurant, consume a variety of candies, chocolates, or foods that can harm your teeth, give you bad breath or soften enamel. Remember in Sani Dental Group we don’t just fix your teeth, we improve your life. Call toll free 1-855-SANI-DDS or (928) 257-1307 and make an appointment. Protect your Mothers’ teeth and help her keep her smile forever.