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Medical Treatments in Los Algodones: Gastric Sleeve

Are you afraid of the effects this holiday season will leave? All the extra pounds that will be gain? Every New Year thousands upon thousands promise themselves that they want to lose weight this new year. However, because of events that occurs on our daily life, we fail to fulfill this promise. A solution that has work for some is the: Gastric Sleeve.

So, if you have had a constant struggle with a few extra pounds? Sani Co has the solution you need.

In 2015 Sani Co will open its Medical Offices; among the many things that will be offered, one will be the numerous of new surgeries, including the Gastric Sleeve.

What is it?

Gastric Sleeve surgery is a restrictive operation in which a person’s stomach capacity is reduce, helping people control and lose weight. With a smaller stomach a person will feel full faster, reducing the amount of food one consumes and the person’s weight.

Another change involve with the surgery is that the patient will need to make big lifelong changes in how you eat – the patient will no longer will be able to eat large portions or certain foods.

How does it Work

There are several types of surgeries associate with Gastric Sleeve; but this surgery is primary perform by making a large incision in the abdomen a technique known as the open procedure.

Another technique used by surgeon is making several small incisions and using cameras and small instruments to guide and operate a technique known as the laparoscopic approach.

During the surgery the surgeon will remove approximately half of your stomach, resulting in a thin vertical sleeve about the size of a banana. Afterwards, surgical staples will keep your stomach closed. This surgery is not reversible, when a patient decides to have this surgery perform he must be aware of all the risk and aftermath.

As a result of food bypassing most of your stomach and enters directly into the middle part of your small intestine; speeding up the digestion process and helping patients to reduce their weight.

The Risks

Having a Gastric Sleeve surgery performed does offer several benefits, but a few risk are involve, some of these include:
Over time, the patient may have problems associated with poor nutrition. Because a large portion of your stomach has been removed, some vitamin and minerals will not be absorbed correctly.

Other risk associated with this surgery include:

  • Infection in the incision
  • Leak from the stomach into the abdominal cavity
  • Pulmonary embolism

In some rare cases, patients have develop gallstones or a nutritional deficiency condition such as anemia or osteoporosis.

Los Algodones – Medical Treatments

Soon Sani Dental Group, one of the major dental clinics in Mexico and the largest dental clinic in Los Algodones, will open a new facility, Sani Co. These new facilities will offer our patients a wide range of medical procedures, among them Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

If you know someone who has been struggling with their weight why not invite him to read this post?

Research has shown that patients who have had a sleeve gastrectomy surgery on average lose more than half of their excess weight.

This information might be what your loved one has been seeking information associated with Gastric Sleeve surgery. We invite you to visit the city of Los Algodones and learn how our new facilities can help you.

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