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Outdoor Space a Retiree Sanctuary

You have finally reached the age of retirement, now you will finally be able to enjoy time with your family and friends. Sani Dental Group is proud of your dedication and all the accomplishments you have achieve throughout the years you worked. Not that you have more free time, you might ask yourself “What should can I do?” An option you have is to fix your garden, whether you fix your backyard or front yard; now that you are retire, why not take this hobby? This week our dental clinic would like to offer you a few tips and ideas to turn your outdoor space into a peaceful, pleasant and harmonious sanctuary for you to relax in.

Building your Sanctuary

Add Plants – Give them a new home

Plants are an excellent source of oxygen and can add beauty to your front or back yard. If you live in the city it is likely that you don’t have much space to garden. Most urban homes have small yards, usually only a 20 x 20 plot, this makes every square inch valuable. An option, vertical gardening with this technique, you can maximize and grow numerous plants.

  • Keep your outdoor and indoor fresh, purchase a plant and see the difference.
  • Not only will you be able to breathe healthier air, but also have a hobby for many years to come.

Clean It Up

Outdoor parties can guarantee two things:

  • Fun
  • Messy Situations

For these possible messy situations we advise you to have several easy to clean oilcloth placemats. The mats will make cleaning quick and fun, and add color to your backyard.

Custom Rack Hanger

Tired of some traditions? Then why not make a difference, why not decorate your backyard with a custom rack hanger?
With a custom rack hanger you can add colors, fragrances and a personal touch, this way not only will you take care of your laundry needs, change the look of your home’s outdoors and it also enables you to have a special connection with your backyard.

Decorate the Decorations

Your deck chairs shouldn’t be uncomfortable, in today’s market there is a wide variety of outdoor pillows. These come in a variety of colors, designs and will definitely change the look of your deck chairs. An option our dental clinic recommends:

  • Outdoor Ombre Typography Pillows

From Plain to Colorful

When you step out and see you patio’s floor, what do you see? Many have a plain wooden floor or a rug. However, instead of having everyday colors with little to no emotion, we advise you upgrade your outdoor rug.
To do this you have 2 options, purchasing a colorful, stylish and decorative rug or do it yourself.

Hanging Vases

Use old jars to create little hanging vases not only will you be recycling and adding color to your backyard. The vases can be place in tree branches or hang in a variety of areas, this way we help the environment, add flowers and change the look our garden has.

New Lights

Not sure how you will in decorate your outdoors? Well why not change or add lights! Adding lights will turn a boring patio into an exciting one, you can either add

  • Twine balls
  • Christmas lights
  • Lanterns
  • Solar-powered Lanterns

These options will definitely change your patio look and if you do the decoration by yourself you can have lots of fun at the same time.

Plates with Chic

Create works of art, most of us purchase regular paper plates because of convenience, however we can turn these plates into great works of art.
You can either add the name of your guests, add shapes and figures or your own design; this will definitely a take your guest by surprise and make your outdoor space special.

Relax your Feet

Having the correct doormat will give your feet a place to relax, give your outdoors a personal look and give you a feeling of satisfaction. However, if you are not able to find the best doormat to meet your needs, why not make your own?
Having a smooth nature-inspired mosaic doormat, will relax your feet and offer you a calm mind; this is a must have in your sanctuary.

The Colors

Did someone say neon? Most outdoor spaces are plain and do not have elaborated decorations; you can change this by adding bright neon colors.

These are 10 different ways you can make your backyard, front yard or urban garden into your own sanctuary. Are we missing any?
Our dental clinic invites you to leave a comment, tell us how you are enjoying your retire years and as always remember that if you happen to experience any oral problem, you can visit Sani Dental Group in the city of Los Algodones.