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Protect your Skin, use Sunscreen

Have you ever thought of the dangers you are exposed to every day? Many of us don't, this is because of the many responsibilities we have in our everyday life, responsibilities that sometimes distract us and cause us to not pay attention to the things happening in our surrounding.

For example, in the US there is an estimated 6,420,000 cars involved in an accident, that’s more than 17,500 accidents per day. In the case of Canada there is an estimated of 149,000 cars involved in an accident, that’s more than 400 accidents per day.

Even though these figures are alarming; there is a deadlier, more dangerous murderer out there and we are exposed to him every day. This possible assassin is the sun, over exposure to the sun can lead to numerous diseases, among them the deadliest is Skin Cancer.

In the United States, skin cancer is the most common forms of cancers; every year more than 3.5 million people are diagnosed with this cancer. This equals more than 9,500 cases every day, a more alarming figure than the number of car accidents in both the United States and Canada combined. However, these figures can be avoided with the use of a product sunscreen; let’s explore and learn how sunblock protects our skin.

Reasons for using Sunscreen

A Variety of Options to Choose From

In today’s competitive market there are many sunscreen options in the shelves and the best part is that these come at an affordable rate.

Enhance your Skin Health

Last week, in our post: Benefits of Drinking More Water, we learn how water can help you have healthy skin; well in addition to water, small doses of sun exposure can also enhance your skin health.

Full Protection from the Sun

Clothes offer us many protections; thanks to these garments we can cover practically all the areas in our body. Unfortunately, a cotton dress, shirt or pants offers us little protection against UV rays. Recommendation, apply sunscreen under your clothes for a full protection.

Helps Avoid Sunburns

Over exposure in the sun can lead to sunburns, this weakens our skin subjecting it to bruising. When you have a sunburn, your skin could suffer repeated attacks of peeling, swelling, redness, hives, and itching; these blisters can also increase the risk developing skin cancer.

Keeps your Skin Young

All of us hate see wrinkles form in our face, arms and other body parts; we always want our skin to look young, radiant and healthy. This is one of the most important reasons why we should always use sunscreen, to prevent the development of aging signs in our skin and body.

Protects from UV Rays

Because of the continuous attacks the ozone layer has encounter; we have put ourselves at a higher risk of getting affected from the harmful rays from the sun. Healthy exposure to the sun will provide our body with the daily dose of Vitamin D we need; but let’s not put our health at risk and use sunblock!

Reduce Risk of Skin Cancer

Daily wearing sunscreen not only improves your skin beauty, but it can also save your life. Following this practice will shield your skin from various types of skin cancers; as mention in the beginning in the United States more than 3.5 million are diagnose with skin cancer, sunblock drastically reduces this risk.

FACT: Applying sunscreen blocks harmful UV rays from penetrating your skin and triggering skin disorders, cancers and other health problems.

How to Apply Sunscreen

If you are about to head outdoors, Sani Dental Group advices you to effectively apply sunscreen before you head out. Our dental group wants you to avoid both skin diseases and oral problems, this week tips will show you how you should apply sunscreen:

  • Apply sunblock at least 30 min before you head out, especially if you will expose yourself to the sun for more than 30 minutes.
  • Reapply sunscreen every 2 - 3 hours, when being outside for prolong hours.
  • When applying sunscreen, cover all exposed areas (ears, lips, face and back of your hands)
  • Make sure you apply a generous layer

Who Should Use It?

As mention if you are planning to spend more than 30 min in the outdoors you should use sunscreen. Sunscreen is safe to use by everyone, whether you are a grown up or a child; for people who easily tan, we especially recommend you to use sunscreen with at least 15 SPF.

SPF or Sun Protection Factor is a measurement indicating how well a sunscreen will protect your skin from UV rays; the radiation responsible for causing sunburns, skin disorders and skin cancer. Our dental clinic in Los Algodones invites you to regularly use sunscreen, especially if you are planning to spend time outdoors. Skin cancer can be prevented, follow Sani Dental Group tips and enjoy a healthy skin for a life time.