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NFL and NHL Dental Facts

Football season is here! However, soon another sport will also be starting, the game is Hockey! Which one is your favorite, do you prefer to play? Both sports are entertaining, but both sports can cause serious dental problems to the practitioners. With this in mind a question has emerged, this season, “Who Will Lose Their Smile; NHL Players or NFL Players?” this question has pop-up several times and many have participated in the argument.

In this discussion, Football fans will say NHL players, while Hockey fans will say NFL players. But let’s look at the fact and history of each sport to see which players’ mouths are really at risk.

Losing Teeth for the Win!

Both sports have different rules, techniques and equipment; it is the combination of these what makes NHL and NFL exciting, rough and dangerous. 


Athletes trained to achieve better results, in the case of hockey players they play on a rock hard ice playfield; adding danger with every possible slip and fall.

NHL player do wear a lot of protection, however this does not prevent an accident. As the players’ skates, he reaches fasters speeds (compare to running); this means that impact at full velocity will certainly cause serious damage to our body.  To reduce damage in your oral cavity and teeth, our experts recommend you used a Dental Mouth Guard.

The mouth-guard will protect your teeth from impact against other players, the board, dashers, safety glass and of above all from the frozen, rubber vulcanized flying puck. This puck is capable of flying at speeds exceeding 90 miles per hours; without the proper protection equipment a Hockey player teeth and body are in great danger.


Football players may not play in a rock hard playing field and may not move at the same speeds as Hockey players do, however this does not make the sport safer. Football fields are tough surfaces, made up of natural or artificial turfs; in addition players wear spikes, which often cause damage to the calf or foot, more frequent than a skate does.

In addition, a NFL player lacks lower body protection padding, putting their bodies in danger.  In football a hit is guaranteed in every game, unlike in Hockey. Football player have a 10% chance of receiving a dental injury every season played; these oral impacts will caused teeth to be lost, damaged or chipped their teeth during a game.

“In Alabama, a study on 754 football players revealed that 52% of all orofacial injuries occurred in sports other than organized football.” –

Fact: Five million teeth are knocked out in sports-related injuries every year in the U.S.

Replacing and Teeth Reconstruction Options

Losing a tooth is not a laughing matter, if this has ever occurred to you, you know and understand the painful process replacing a lost tooth involves. Sani Dental Group knows the importance of having a healthy smile and that is why we offer our patients several preventive treatments and full mouth restoration options.

Fortunately for professional NFL or NHL players they have excellent dental plans, covering the cost of dental implant, dentures, all on 4, all on 6 or full mouth reconstruction. Unlike the 85 million Americans who cannot cover the cost of most dental treatments. A solution is, for you visit us at Los Algodones; where our professional dentists can take of all your oral needs. Our prices are at least 70% less when compared to US and Canada.

In the case of star athletes, NFL and NHL teams usually have a dentist on standby, in the case of an on-site accident. In some games teeth have fall off, when this happens dentist are sometimes able to put the teeth back immediately by doing a root canal.

Fact: A recommended method to save a fallen tooth is by placing it under your tongue or by keeping it moist in cold Milk.

Los Algodones is the capital of dental tourism and our dental clinic offers our patients numerous dental treatments that will restore your smile and prevent the loss of teeth. Sani Dental Group advices all sport players to use a mouth guard, when using a professional mouth guard not only will your teeth be superficially protected, but also comfortable and you reduce the risk suffering a concussion.