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Algodones Dental Implants Cost: Know the Advantages

Know the advantages of Algodones Dental Implants

Dental implants offer patients the same strength and stability as natural teeth, and best of all, dental implants typically last a lifetime. But even though dental implants offer you many advantages, they do have one disadvantage: they are expensive.

Because of their high price, many Americans and Canadians have searched for options. Through their research, many have decided to become dental tourists, allowing them to get the dental treatment they need at an affordable price and enjoy a great vacation.

Traveling to another country to get dental implants could be your best solution. However, many fear traveling to another country to get dental work done.

They ask themselves: Will they do a good job? Are they certified? Are there facilities clean? Is it safe?

These among others are questions that many dental tourists have, especially if it is their first time visiting another country to get dental work done.

To make these fears disappear, many dental clinics have added comments and reviews to their site, allowing patients to express themselves and share their experiences.

For example, when Phyllis Anne Petty visited Sani, this is what she commented: This was my first visit to Sani. I had 3 teeth pulled, 10 crowns, 1 deep clean, 1 regular cleaning, 1 sinus lift, 1 laser treatment, and a nightguard. I was very well pleased with everything--the hotel was charming, met all kinds of nice people from all over the US, most of whom had been going to Sani for many years. The van drove us to and from the clinics. The food was suitable for people who could only eat "soft" food and ok enough for accompanying spouses to eat there also. I was quoted up to $24,000 in States, without any implants. My price at Sani was $7,200, including 3 implants. Everyone was friendly and helpful. My husband also went to the optical store recommended by Sani and had an eye exam and bought new sunglasses. We had fun shopping in town and bought a huge rock turtle planter for our home. I have highly recommended Sani to all of my friends. We live in Southern California and are only a 2-1/2 hours drive from door to door, so will be using Sani for all my dental needs.

As we read above, this was Phyllis Anne's first time visiting another country to get dental work and she was fascinated with the results. If you are struggling with toothaches or have lost teeth, become a dental tourist and receive all the advantages dental tourism has in store for you.

Benefits of Dental Implants:

First of all, let’s talk about the advantages algodones dental implants have in store for you. For patients who are missing one or more teeth, dental implants will offer them:

Avoid Speech Problems: Dental implants help to prevent speech problems, dentures are a good solution, but if they slip or shift your speech could suffer the consequences.

Enjoy Life: Dental implant allows patients to enjoy life once again – no more struggles to chew their food, to smile during pictures, and prevent future health complications.

Long-term Solution: Dental implants are a long-term solution, with the proper care, this prosthesis can last a lifetime; only needed minimum periodic adjustments.

Prevent Bone Loss: Dental implants can help further bone loss – when we lose a tooth, surrounding bone tissue begins to deteriorate and shrink. Getting this dental treatment will prevent further bone loss and stimulate bone growth.

Stability: A key advantage dental implants offer is stability, preventing bone damage and teeth to shift. Once the dental implants are placed, you will be able to do everything you used to do when natural teeth were present.

What makes Algodones  Dental Implants your best option

These 5 advantages without a doubt are a good reason to consider getting dental implants.

However, we will have one problem, their high price; dental implants can be purchased at an affordable price if you visit the correct place. By visiting Mexico to get dental implants you can save lots of money.

On average, dental tourist saves up to 70% on dental treatments, including implants. Every day thousands of dental tourists visit a specific city in Mexico to get dental work done. Dental tourists travel to Los Algodones, Mexico.

Los Algodones, Mexico is a small town that borders Arizona, USA. This small town receives an average of 3,000 people on a daily basis, all of them seeking medical treatments, dental procedures, prescription glasses, or a mini-vacation.

Dental tourists who visit Los Algodones to get dental implants, come for one reason – the savings!

Stanley Turner commented:

I can't say enough great stuff about Sani Dental. Like everyone, I was flat-out scared to go to Mexico for dental work. But when I got there and seen the top of the line technology. The place was spotless. The doctors work so hard to make you happy. They don't close till the last patient is done. My teeth are all implants and in the U.S. They wanted $50.000 to over 100.000 Sani did the work for 1/4 of that cost. I had Dr. Melendez the guy is not only a dentist. He's an artist and I have recommended Sani Dental to my family and friends. I can't thank Sani Dental enough. Because there was NO WAY I COULD AFFORD TO GET THIS DONE IN THE STATES. I would give them 5 stars and then some. The people at the hotel treat you great and the people in town are so nice. The food is good lots of stores and vendors to keep you having fun. It's a great place all the way around.

Dental Implant Costs Outside of Los Algodones

Can you imagine saving up to 70% on dental implants?

When you visit Los Algodones, Mexico this is a reality. According to the Dental Implant Cost Guide on average, a dental implant in the States can cost up to $4,000.00 USD. This is the price of one dental implant and for a multiple implant procedure, top & bottom supported dentures cost can go from $25000 to $95000 (average. $34000).

Not many can afford these prices, but when you come to Sani Dental Group, All on 4 Dental Procedure can cost up to $18,000.00 (prices will vary with each patient, please contact our patient coordinators for further details).

If you need dental implants and you visit Los Algodones, Mexico; we invite you to visit the largest dental clinic in the city, Sani Dental Group.

Sani Dental Group always aims to offer their patients more. Patient Krist Talley commented:

"I received my implants for an all on 4 upper denture. Dr. Martinez did a superb job placing the Implants. He was very skilled and professional. I returned 6 months later to get my denture installed on 12-28-2015. I spent a lot of time with Karen who made my denture. She did an absolutely beautiful job and was a real pleasure to spend time with. She is also very professional and skilled. A definite asset to SANI Dental Group. I will be back in a few months to get some more work done. I will also recommend your clinic to everyone I know. Thank you"

Every year Sani Dental Group attends to thousands of patients, helping to ease their dental pain and offering them the dental procedure they need.

Our facilities have + 35 dental professionals capable of attending to all your dental needs, they are certified in multiple dentistry areas.

When you give us a call, our coordinators will guide you to the dental surgeon you need and offer patients local transportation and lodging accommodations if needed. Don’t hesitate and visit Sani Dental Group today!