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Los Algodones 2015 Events

2015 has arrive and Los Algodones wants to welcome you to the city. 2014 was a great year for the capital of Dental Tourism and this upcoming year the city wants to offer you more. We invite you to read and know the events that will occur this year; join us and if you can participate in the many activities the city will have:

“Rosca de Reyes” Celebration

Jan. 06. 2015 

Join the city and bring your loves to enjoy a delicious “Rosca de Reyes”. When visiting Los Algodones observed and learn the tradition associated with this celebration, as well as enjoying a slice of the delicious pastry that will be offer.

Civic Center Event Los Algodones

Jan. 18. 2015 

When visiting the city, celebrates the vibrant culture and gracious hospitality of Los Algodones. Come for the food, the entertainment and the many prizes. The event begins early in the morning and admission is free.

Tamales Festival of Catholic Church

Feb. 16. 2015 

Yes, you heard correct! Los Algodones is hosting a Tamales Festival, enjoy the variety of tamales the city will offer you. This traditional Mesoamerican dish made of masa has a variety of fillings (either meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, chilies) it is leaf wrap, boil and ready to consume.

Artisanal Gastronomic Festival

Feb. 21. 2015 

Gastronomy is the art, science and culture of food, can you imagine a festival associated with gastronomy. Come and enjoy the many delicious meals that will prepare, enjoy the design and explore visual art the artisans will create. Be part of the gracious hospitality Los Algodones has to offer.

Flag Day

Feb. 24. 2015 

Flag Day is a day designated to commemorate the historical event of adoption its national flag.
We invite you to come and join the celebration.

Cars and Motorcycles Exhibition

Mar. 02. 2015 

To all Car and Motorcycle drivers and lover out there, we invite you to come and be a part of the city gracious hospitality.
Observed and admire the many models that will arrive in the city and if you have you a traditional car or motorcycle and would like to show it off, come to the exhibition and let us admire your vehicle.

Paella Contest

Mar. 07. 2015 

Paella a traditional Valencia dish, made of rice, fish, spices and ancient roots that originated from the east coast of Spain. It is considered Spain's national dish, it is internationally famous and it has come to Los Algodones. We invite you to try and grade this delicious dish.

Benito Juarez Anniversary

Mar. 21. 2015 

Imagine a person who served as the president for five terms, resisted the French, restored the Republic, overthrew the Second Mexican Empire and used liberal measures to modernize the country. The person whom achieve all these accomplishment is Benito Juarez, in 2015 the city of Los Algodones will commemorate this interesting figure.

Spring Party for Visitors

Mar. 28. 2015 

The weather is changing and vacation time is here, enjoy the gracious hospitality the city has for you. Many will have a week or a few days off, we invite you to come to the city, exchange ideas, enjoy the city warmth welcome and party all day.

Paraiso Restaurant Anniversary

Apr. 06. 2015 

Paraiso Restaurant is pleased with all the great and pleasant moment that occurred in 2014, for this reason, they invite all visitor to come and be part of their anniversary celebration.

Los Algodones Anniversary

Jul. 17. 2015 

121 years in the northeastern tip is the northernmost point in Mexico a small city receive its name, Los Algodones also known by its official name Vicente Guerrero. On its anniversary, come visit us and be part of the gracious hospitality Los Algodones has to offer you.

A new year has begun and Los Algodones wants you to enjoy, participate and experience the city’s love, warmth, and appreciation. Visit Los Algodones in 2015 and make memories with your loved ones.

Sani Dental Group appreciates all the memories we have made together and in 2015 we want to keep making more memorable events, come to our dental clinic and experience our gracious hospitality.