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Vacation time has finally arrive, this year you decide visit your parents and grandparents; because of your busy schedule, you have not been able to visit them recently. This year you will finally get to see your love ones, enjoy grandma’s cooking, visit your childhood and create memorable moments. When at your grandparents’ home, you notice that your mom has a problem. You head over to your mom and she tells you that she recently notice she has white/gray patch in her mouth.

You are not expert in oral problems, you decide to set-up an appointment with your local dentist. Today there are many pathologies, some of these are understand while others are not. Dental pathologies have caused numerous of pains. When at the dental office, the dentist does a few test and determines that your mother has Leukopiakia.

What is Leukoplakia?

Leukoplakia is an irritation that develops on your tongue, the inside of the check or the floor of the mouth; this irritation can form white or gray patches of mucous membrane through the areas previously mention. Although the main cause of this disease is unknown, there are several culprits associated with it. This oral problem strongly resemble thrush.

Adults with a weak immune systems are at a higher risk of developing this oral disease; it is important that you visit your dentist when you when you see the first sign of this disease.

Another form of Leukopiakia is “Hairy Leukoplakia”, this form is often related with people who are infected with HIV, and have AIDS or AIDS - related complex. This disease consist of fuzzy, white patches on the tongue therefore the name.

A question your doctors or dentist will ask you if you use tobacco in any form (chewed, dipped or smoked). Tobacco is consider one of the main causes of this disease.

Causes of Leukoplakia

As we mention tobacco is considered one of the main causes of leukoplakia, other causes associated with leukoplakia include:

  • AIDS / HIV
  • Chronic Smoking
  • Irritation in your cheek and gums
  • Oral Cancer
  • Sun Exposure (Oral Area)

Symptoms of Leukoplakia

Leukoplakia is usually painless, but it will cause sensitivity in the affected area; especially when touch, consuming hot or spicy foods.

One of the main signs of this disease is the presence of white or gray colored patches, throughout your oral cavity; these “patch” usually develop slowly in length of weeks to months, the will become a thick hard and rough texture.

In some rare cases the patch will turn red, this might be a sign of oral cancer, we advise you to visit our dental clinic at the first sign of red color patches.

Leukoplakia Treatments

Leukoplakia patches normally improve on their own, however in some rare cases these patches turn red in their color and can be an indication of oral cancer. If after a diagnosis the biopsy comes back positive for oral cancer, it must be removed immediately.

To remove non-cancerous leukoplakia your oral surgeon or dentist might use laser therapy or a scalpel to remove small patches, but in the case of large patches a more complex surgery will be require.

For our dental clinic having a healthy smile, strong teeth and good overall health is important. We want all of our patient to have a healthy oral cavity. This disease, Leukoplakia, seem to cause no pain; but as the disease matures, it will cause irritation and can even lead to cancer. Avoid this disease and have a strong health smile; visit us in Los Algodones, protect your teeth and all at an affordable rate.