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September is a very especial month for Americans, Canadians and Mexicans. In the case of Mexicans they celebrate their independence day on September 16; Americans and Canadians will celebrate Labor Day possible the last summer holiday and day-off in the season.

During this month we can see changes in the weather, school starts and many are returning from their vacations. Once we arrive home, however many arrive tired and need a day to rest. The day to rest is Labor Day; a holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September. Labor Day serves as a celebration and recognition of the American labor moments and the economic achievements workers have reached.

History of Labor Day

Labor Day is a holiday that symbolizes the accomplishments labor movement in the 19th century achieved; before these movements, work conditions were harsh and insecure. On average Americans worked 12-hour shift and seven days a week, with minimum wages that barely cover the essentials. Condition where so hard that despite restrictions in many states, young age children (5 or 6 years old) were recruited to work in factories or mines across the country, but earn a fraction of the wages adults earned.

At the height of the Industrial Revolution, society notice a shift in the work environment, manufacturing increased supplanting agriculture; also with this movement new supports where instated, things like labor unions grew more prominent enabling them to offer better support their members.

Labor unions began to negotiate hours and pay with many mayor companies of the 19th century, with their efforts and negotiation skills a better treatment was reached; creating a work environment that are safe, better sanitary facilities, work breaks and better pay per hour.

Labor Day Today

As mention Labor Day is consider the end of summer and both American and Canadian use this day to get together with their love one, family and friends spending time together at parties, outdoor events and some parades. Sani Dental Group wants you to spend quality time with your family and enjoy this holiday.

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We hope you enjoy this upcoming Labor Day that you enjoy it and commemorate all the achievement you have accomplish at your work place. Also remember in case of an oral accident you can count on Sani Dental Group to help you.