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Important Questions to ask our Dentist

Your dentist is the best source of guidance on what is the best way to protect your teeth and oral cavity. However, have you ever stop to thinks about the questions you should ask your dentist when visiting the dental clinic?

Where can I find free or low-cost dental care in my community?

If you need a dental treatment but don’t have the economic resources to pay for them, our dental clinic advise you to ask your doctor or dentist if there are any programs available in your community. Depending where you live, you will have several options available to you that can cover the cost of dental treatments either completely or in parts. Some of the options can include:

  • Medicaid: A resource available in some states that covers dental services; families with very low income and assets can qualify for Medicaid.
  • Local Hospitals: Contact the local hospitals in your area, see if they offer dental treatments and if they do which ones. These hospitals offer payment plans or service at affordable rates.
  • Community Health Centers: across the US there are many Community Health Centers whom provide free or reduced-cost health services and in some cases this includes dental care.
  • Dental Schools: dental students might not have years of experience, however all the work they perform is under the supervision of experienced, licensed dentists and all at low-cost or free.

How does my tobacco use affect my oral health?

Tabaco and Alcoholic products can lead to gum disease, in the case of tobacco it can stick to your bone and soft tissue; interfering with your gums normal functions and leaving its’ users vulnerable to infections. These oral disease can include: oral cancer and increases the risk factor for stroke and/or heart disease. To learn how to reduce the risk we invite you to read our posts:

How does my diabetes affect my oral health?

When a patient has diabetes and the sugar levels in blood are high, this can lead to several oral diseases like dry mouth, it also increases the risk of plaque buildup and increase the user risk of developing tooth-decay.
Also dental patients who have diabetes can suffer bleeding or sore gums, bad breath and gingivitis. To avoid damages, Sani Dental Group advises patients to brush and floss after each meal or snacks; if you wear dentures, clean them on a daily basis and when these no longer fit, speak with your dentist to make the proper adjustments.

How can I prevent halitosis (bad breath)?

Sani Dental Group has professional dentist in our dental clinic; they can offer you different tips and treat numerous diseases. Our dentist can offer you not have bad breath tips like: brushing your teeth twice a day including your tongue. If you wear dentures or a retainer our dentist can offer your many tips to clean these appliances every day.

Other questions to consider include:

  • Is there anything that I should tell my family doctor about?

  • Does my mouth look healthy?

  • What can I do to improve the health of my teeth and gums?

  • Which treatments are absolutely necessary? Which are optional? 

  • Which treatments cosmetic?

  • Which procedures are urgently needed, and which ones are less urgent?

  • Is there anything you need to know from my family doctor?

For Sani Dental Group your oral health is important, we have dedicated more than 25 years to help people from the US, Canada and many other parts of the world have a great smile. Though the years, many of our patients’ have ask the questions mention above among others; if you don’t see a question you have above we invite you to leave a comment below, call us or visit our dental clinic in Los Algodones. Remember we don’t just fix smiles we improve your life.