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Hydro Flossing

Humans have come a long way since the beginning of time, every year new technologies are created, procedures are improve and our knowledge is increase. In 1962, two professionals join forces to create a new revolutionary product an oral irrigator (dental toothpick). If you are suffering from a periodontal disease, a water toothpick can help you.

What is it? How does it Work?

An oral irrigator is a device that uses a stream of pulsating water to clean your teeth. The water pick is consider the evolution of dental flossing. Dentist have told us for decades to floss daily, however patients simply don’t know how, don’t do it daily or hurt themselves more than what they actually clean.

The water pick can solve this problem; allow us to explain how this product works.

  • Locate the electrical plug and plug-it into an electrical outlet.
  • Fill the reservoir with water.
  • Select a tip and insert it into the handle.
    • To insert the tip – pull down on the knob, insert the tip and release.
  • Adjust the pressure setting, the options available are: LOW – MEDIUM – HIGH. When using the water toothpick, you will need to hold it in one hand – bend your face at an angle towards the sink.

    • Repeating this action will toughen your gums and remove plaque
  • Turn on the power.
  • Aim the tip into one side of your gum line.
  • Follow the gum line and move to the next – continue this process throughout all your teeth/gum line.
  • After both the top and bottom areas of your mouth – remove the tip and replace it with another tip (e.g. tongue cleaner)

Once finish, remove the tip, if your reservoir still has water spill it out in the drain. Dry all drops of water to avoid bacteria build up. Pull the plug from the wall and put it away.

Your Expectations?

Many of us do not floss correctly; because of this your teeth can suffer a number of diseases. In addition there can be a sight of blood, causing many to have discomfort or fear and in some cases it can even make some to faith. In these cases, the oral irrigator can help; as we mention before the water toothpick is a revolutionary device that can help you floss. These are some of the benefits an oral irrigator can offer you:

  • Time is reduce compare to normal floss Improves gum health and controls gingivitis Reduce inflammation in gums
    • In just 3 sec. an oral irrigator can remove 99.9% of plaque
  • Reduce bleeding
  • Oral Irrigators have different tips – able to support different oral needs

Keep in mind that normal teeth brushing can remove bacteria, yet there are still some remains of bacteria in your teeth. The addition of other devices (dental floss, special toothpaste, oral irrigators) will increase cleaning effectiveness; for example in clinical trials the combination of an oral irrigator with manual brushing will improve teeth cleaning, making it up to 93% more effective.

New technologies are available each year, some of these are meant to improve habits, your health and overall your life. In the case of the oral irrigator, this “new” device is aim to improve gingival health.

Learn by watching the following video: Hydro Flossing

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