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How to Get Dental Work Without Insurance?

When thinking about going to the dentist, whether it’s for a regular checkup or a small discomfort in the mouth, thinking about the cost of possible treatment is usually the first reason why people choose not to go.

But it’s important not to forget that visiting the dentist every six months will not only help you maintain good oral health, it can also prevent future dental diseases which will make you spend much more money than you’d spent if you had visited your dentist when you had to.

Even though many people have dental insurance nowadays, sometimes is not enough to cover the patient’s dental needs. Traveling outside of the country in order to look for better options to recover their lost smile has become a very popular trend among the United States and Canada citizens.

Whether it’s because treatments are very expensive or dentists are all booked until next year, becoming a dental tourist turns out to be affordable, faster and more fun; not having dental insurance is not a problem anymore!

Where Can I Travel to Get Dental Care?

To get dental work outside of your country of residence is easier than it seems, especially when you know the right place to go. Mexico has become the best option to get dental work done without insurance, where thousands of people travel every year to undergo any kind of medical procedures too.

Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Tijuana are popular destinations, but any of these can’t compare to Los Algodones, a small city right in the border with the United States. A few years ago started to gain recognition due to its high number of dental clinics. Today is worldwide known as Molar City.

Advantages of Traveling to Los Algodones, Mexico

Every day, hundreds of patients across the border in order to get different types of high-quality dental treatments, and Los Algodones has grown thanks to the people who visit.

This town is completely devoted to its visitors, and as a way of thanking them, it hosts a few parties along the year. Click here to discover some of Los Algodones best events.

There are a lot of advantages you should consider when choosing Los Algodones as your travel destination. Check them out:

  • Conveniently located next to the U.S border. Whether you choose to arrive through a domestic flight or by car, Los Algodones is a very easy city to locate. Most of the visitors cross the Andrade Border in the state of California, which is only a couple of miles from Yuma, AZ. If you’re not planning on staying the night, you can park your car in the U.S side and walk down calmly to town.
    If you’re a Sani Dental Group patient, we can even pick you up! Once you’re in town, there’s no need to use your car; as we mentioned, Molar City is very small so everything is only a few steps away, there’s no need of a rent a car or use public transport. 
  • Certified doctors and qualified staff at clinics. There are more than 300 clinics offering dental treatments in Los Algodones, and a big percentage of doctors is totally qualified to perform any procedure. Plus, Molar City is known to be a bilingual town, it’s so attached to the U.S culture that currency doesn’t even change! This means that you won’t have any kind of problem communicating with your doctors and clinic staff.
    Before choosing a clinic, make sure you’ve read reviews from previous patients or ask for information via phone or email; it’s very important to make an informed decision. Meanwhile, you might want to check Sani Dental Group’s reviews.
  • Nice hotels with amazing promotions. Los Algodones might be small, but there are two fabulous hotels where you can spend your days during your next visit. Cielito Lindo and Hacienda Los Algodones have the nicest staff and perfect amenities. Plus, amazing promotions for exclusive patients.
  • Get dental work without insurance. Lack of insurance is not a problem when you travel to Los Algodones. The prices for dental treatments might be the biggest advantage of becoming a dental tourist, by traveling to Mexico in order to get any kind of dental care you can save up to 70% comparing to the U.S and Canada prices. You won’t even think of dental insurance during your trip.
  • MediPlaza Los Algodones. Is the only shopping center in the area focused mainly on providing medical services? Visitors can find clothing and jewelry shops, a pharmacy, restaurants, a spa with relaxing body treatments, and even an ambulatory surgery facility.

Los Algodones Map - Dental Work Without Insurance

Sani Dental Group at Los Algodones

With two locations in town and top of the edge technology, Sani Dental Group was recently named the Number One Clinic in Los Algodones by the GCR (Global Clinic Rating) This recent recognition was made based on its three decades of experience, doctors’ expertise, high-quality dental services and facilities, and patients’ feedback.

Sani Dental Group will not only give you a unique experience, but it also offers a wide variety of dental treatments up to 5 years of warranty. The patient’s satisfaction is guaranteed through safety procedures and amazing results.

Are you ready to schedule your appointment? Give us a call, our team of patient coordinators is completely qualified to answer all of your questions and guide you through all your experience!