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How to Find a Good Dentist in Mexico

That dental problem you’ve been dealing with for the past few months has not improved at all; you probably shrugged it off as a simple toothache, or maybe you thought that pesky wisdom tooth would only grow out to a certain extent and stop there, but it didn’t.

These problems have reached a point in which they started affecting your overall health and day-to-day life; the pain won’t let you study or work optimally, and it has turned a dinner date with your significant other or a night out with friends unbearable.

You might think that you’re condemned to feel like this for the rest of your life. Both dental and oral health care prices in the United States are elevated when compared to other places; for example, a standard dental implant can cost up to $3,000.

While investigating, you find out that traveling abroad to another country to get dental care has become the solution for many people. Mexico has become an international medical tourist destination with due reason.

You can get any procedure done with a dentist in Mexico at affordable prices; their quality is on par with the highest international quality dentistry standards. In this article, you’ll see the perks of dental work in Mexico, as well as the treatments that you can get, and the clinics that you can visit.

Dental Work in Mexico

How to find a good dentist in Mexico

Traveling to another country to improve your health could seem like a scary and intimidating idea, but this concept is usually greatly blown out of proportion. Thousands of people have chosen medical tourism over-treating themselves in their own home country, and thousands of others are taking on that idea.

Medical tourism has risen in popularity in the past few years, even with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pursuit for wellness and an overall concern for health has been adopted by society’s collective consciousness; people are resorting to searching for solutions for their health-related issues in other places as long as that assures a higher and healthier way of living.

Mexico has a lot of clinics that are specialized in different branches of medical care, including dentistry. Sani Dental Group has 3 different locations in both the north and south of Mexico; 2 clinics in Los Algodones (the main one and a premium one), and a clinic in Playa Del Carmen.


 What treatments are available?

As we mentioned before, getting treated by a Los Algodones dentist or dentist in Mexico is not as complicated as it could seem or sound. In reality, many people prefer it over getting attended in their own city or country of residence.

Any treatment that you could possibly want to get is available in Mexico. Sani Dental Group offers the latest treatments available in dentistry that can help restore your smile back to its shiny glory. From root canals and both simple and surgical tooth removals to full mouth reconstructions and All-On-4 implants.

Our Playa Del Carmen clinic specializes in aesthetic medicine treatments, such as a smile makeover, but also offers most of the treatments that our other clinics do. Doesn’t matter which of our clinics becomes the one of your choices, quality and patient comfort always will be at the forefront of our operation.

You’re in great hands


It’s intimidating to travel to another country; traditions that you probably haven’t heard about before, as well as a context that you might not be familiarized with, can become determining factors when it comes to buying those plane tickets. However, the dentist Mexico team in Sani Dental Group speaks both English and Spanish, taking down that barrier than can come with the difference in language.

Our dentists always give their extra to assure great care to every patient that walks through the doors of our clinics; with a staff that listens to you, the procedure plan will be tailor-made and fitted to your specific needs. With a solid setlist of objectives, our dentists will work their hardest to make you smile again.

With accreditation from both national and international associations specialized in dentistry, our doctors keep themselves updated with the latest updates and discoveries in dental and oral surgery. You’ll be attended to by a team of dentists that follow the highest of international standards.

Sani Dental Group is a national dental care leader; different dental implant brands consider us to be the #1 clinic in Mexico for this treatment in particular. Any dental implant that you get in our clinic is of the greatest quality available, and it permits us to restore your smile and improve upon its state.


Is it safe to travel to Mexico?      

            As of the past year, COVID-19 restrictions for crossing to and from Mexico by land have been lifted; if you schedule an appointment in any of our Los Algodones clinics, you’ll be able to cross between the US and Mexico from 06:00 AM to 10:00 PM California Time.

            We recommend you keep your appointment confirmation and a valid ID on yourself at all times in case the corresponding authorities decide to perform spontaneous revisions in an effort to prevent illegal immigration.

            If you’ve decided to schedule an appointment at our Playa Del Carmen location, you can be assured that you’ve made a great decision. Playa Del Carmen is among the most sought-after international tourist locations worldwide and is a friendly place for tourists overall.

Scheduling an appointment

            Whether you pick our Los Algodones Mexico Dentist clinic, our Playa Del Carmen location, or decide to give our future Cancun dental specialists a shot, our team of patient coordinators will be able to help you out set an appointment in any of our clinics.

            Our patient coordinators will be more than glad to answer any of your questions regarding the treatments that we offer or the inquiries regarding the treatment of your choice, helping you pick out the clinic in which the follow-up for your procedure will be done at.

            If you’d like to schedule an appointment with us, you can click here or call (928) 257-1307. It’s our pleasure to help you out smile again!