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How to Book the Perfect Dental Tour?

If you’ve decided to book a visit to “Molar City” it’s because you’re looking to improve your smile. You might have heard that Los Algodones is a town devoted to its visitors, we always want people to have the best time during their stay in town. You will not only be going back home with a healthy smile but with a new experience to tell your friends and family about.

Molar City, Mexico

Los Algodones is a small town in Baja California, Mexico, just right next to the Yuma, AZ border. Thanks to its convenient location, and the 300 clinics in town it has become very popular among dental tourists, who call this town Molar City.

A lot of clinics in Los Algodones offer the same high-quality treatments as the ones in the United States and Canada, but the difference is that the prices are way more affordable. Plus, this small border town does not only has inexpensive dental care, it also has low-cost shopping places, restaurants and drug stores where you can get prescription medicines.
One of Los Algodones’ main attractions is the warm weather of the area, especially for the people that travel from Canada and the North of the United States, where the temperatures tend to be very low.

Like we said previously, Los Algodones is a town devoted to its visitors. For decades, it has been the temporary home for thousands of people every year. Typical Mexican food, bilingual locals, U.S local currency, and affordable prices, are only a few of the many advantages this colorful town offers to visitors of all ages.

Sani Dental Group

Dental clinics in Los Algodones, Mexico have a wide range of dental procedures as the ones in the United States and Canada. You can find everything from veneers, dental implants, and dental crowns to dentures and full mouth restoration.

Sani Dental Group has more than 30 years of experience in the dental tourism and patient experience field, their doctors and specialists are highly skilled, aided by good technology and with a wide expertise background supported by the best universities of the country.
By coming down to Los Algodones you’ll you can save up 70% in dental work compare to the U.S and Canada prices.

Sani Dental Group is not only the largest dental group in Los Algodones, is one of the largest in Mexico as well. We have more than 30 dentists and specialists dedicated to treat all your dental needs. Plus, by being our patient, you’ll realize that you have plenty of advantages compared to the ones you might have with other clinics.
Among our specialists, we have maxillofacial surgeons whom will perform and excellent job in case you or a loved one needs a surgery; thanks to the collaboration with Baja Surgery Center an OR is available to perform dental surgeries and other ambulatory esthetical procedures. Our prices will stay inside your budget, and the best part is that the low prices won’t compromise the quality of the treatments.

Book Your Dental Tour!

Besides free consultation and lodging discounts, Sani Dental Group gives to all of their patients the chance to book a Dental Tour in Los Algodones. Our free shuttle service will take you where you need to go in order to give you a more pleasant stay in town.
If you’re arriving to the Yuma International Airport or at the border, let us know 48 hours before your arrival, we will gladly pick you there to take you to your dentist’s appointment at any of our two clinics or to your hotel. Also, we have a special stop at MediPlaza Los Algodones, the newest and only medical plaza in town, where you’ll be able to find medical services such as stem cell therapy; different types of surgeries, beauty and spa treatments, and much more without leaving aside restaurants and a hotel in the second floor.

To know more about our dental tour, you can give us a call and ask for more information, or click here to know the schedule of our tours and places to go!

There are hundreds of dental clinics in Los Algodones, but you must choose the one which offers you more quality. We invite you to read our patients’ reviews and compare the information yourself. You will not regret your decision. If you have any doubts, our patient coordinators will gladly assist you.