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Traveling to another country or city could be a problem, especially if this is your first time staying in a hotel.
Mostly likely you don’t know what options you have, with whom to book or what should be your priorities? Sani Dental Group wants you to have the best experience, when traveling and staying at a Hotel, that is why this week we will offered you a few tips that will help you the next time you decide to stay in a hotel.

Since this is the first time you book a stay at a Hotel; you should ask yourself, “What matters most? For some it could be the accommodations, for others maybe it is the price, the location, the family friendly environment or the name of the hotel. When doing your hotel search, have a clear idea of what accommodations you need and can afford. Once you have decided on you top priority you will be able to do a better search. Let take a few minute to read these tips and learn how to improve our searches in the booking engines.

Hotel’s Name 

For many, searching and selecting a hotel is simple, the primarily thing they look for is its name.
In these cases just reading the hotel’s name is enough to make the decision; as the hotel’s name is often associated with reputation, either good or bad.


While searching for your hotel, the search engines includes many options, among these the site will show you points of interest surrounding the hotel. In their site the hotels you select normally includes a map showing you casinos, beaches, exclusive restaurants, malls, museums, zoos and other interesting locations near.


Today, the internet has facilitated us many things; among these is searching for the right Hotel. Nearly all booking engines allow you to sort result by price. Now, if “price” is your only concern, there are several sites that allow their user to bid; through these bids you can book your hotel at affordable rates.
Most search engines will offer and guarantee the lowest rates, but we advise you to visit the hotels site; in many cases the hotel’s site truly offers you the lowest rate.


Guest Experiences are especially important; hotels know this and for this reason hotels provide their clients many services. Among the amenities hotels offer are: a fitness center, swimming pool, room service  or restaurant. Some search engines, allowed you to compare several hotels side by side; allowing you to make the best decision.

Loyalty Programs

Are you loyal to a certain hotel? Well this loyalty is often rewarded. Not only will you earn points toward future stays, you may accumulate points that can be applied to frequent flier programs. We would like to offer you these 4 reasons of why you should join a hotel rewards program.

  • You are able to use your accumulated points.
  • There are fewer to no restrictions, when booking a room for your loyalty.
  • Hotels offer you exclusive rewards.
  • Participating airlines will offer exclusive rewards to frequent fliers.

Sani Dental Group has established agreements with Hotels in Yuma (AZ), the Hilton for example. Among the benefits established with our dental clinic and these Hotels are: preferential rates for patients, complimentary breakfast or dinner, shuttle transportation from airport to the hotel and the accumulation of points, for future visits.  

Family-Friendly Environment

If on your next trip you will be traveling with the family; then you will like to look for a hotel with the best accommodations for everyone. In addition, some hotels offer special deals and have family friendly policies.

By reading a few reviews and looking at the services they offer, you can decide if it suit your needs.

Choosing the right hotel can be a complicated and overwhelming task, there are a number of factor you must take into consideration. I hope that reading and analyzing these tips help you and that they contribute in making your next trip a memorable experience. In the post we analyzed six different things we should keep in mind when choosing a hotel.