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Healthy Teeth Equals 7 Easy Steps!

You might think that visiting your dentist twice a year is the only steps you need to take in order to have a healthy smile, but this is far from the truth. We invite you to read the following 7 tips that will help you take the proper steps towards better dental health.

Steps towards better Dental Health

Know and Understand your Dental Needs

Always remember that our mouth is a gateway to our bodies and when not careful, we can harm our teeth. It is important for you to know your oral needs as these are different from another person, and in order to improve dental health, you will need to know what affects you. As we grow older changes in our body can occur and these can often bring changes into our oral health. Other things that can affect our dental health include: what we eat, our habits, our hygiene routine, and or the amount of saliva produced by our mouth. Additional factors that affect your oral health include:

Asthma – patients who suffer from asthma, often breathe through their mouth (especially in their sleep). This practice can lead to dry mouth, plaque and gum disease.
Braces – braces are used to correct bite problems, however, orthodontics make it more difficult to keep teeth clean and can lead to cavities.
Medications – more than 300 medications today can reduce the amount of saliva your mouth produces, leading to dry mouth and other oral problems.
Pregnancy – pregnant women go through many oral changes, for example, inflammation of the gums – an oral disease often called pregnancy gingivitis.

Follow a Commitment

After know and understanding your dental needs it’s time to make a commitment. The professional dentists at Sani Dental Group invite you to talk or visit us and let us know your oral needs; our professional staff will offer you useful tips as well as an effective routine to follow. If offer a routine, we invite you to follow it, being committed will ensure you a healthier smile.
If you are taking medicine that dries your mouth, use fluoride every day, this commitment will protect your mouth from cavities and keep it clean.

Brush and Floss on a daily basis

Plaque is an oral disease that can affect all of us if we are not careful and properly brush and floss our teeth daily. Everyone should take the commitment of brushing their teeth at least twice a day, it is also recommended that you do it after every meal. In addition to brushing our teeth several times a day we should floss at least once a day.
Having the habit of brushing your teeth will protect your smile, improve dental health and prevent cavities. If unable to properly removed plaque, visit your dentist or give Sani a call and our team of professional will seek the best solution for your needs.

Have a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet will give you a healthier smile. Sani recommends you to include plenty of dairy and other calcium-rich foods; remember, calcium helps you maintain your teeth and bones strong. Also, if you avoid sugary foods, you increase your chances of having strong teeth, avoiding the harmful effects and pain cavities can cause. Keep your teeth strong by having a healthy diet.

Avoid Tobacco and its Products

Tobacco products affect your dental health, not only can it stain your teeth, tobacco products also increase your risk of oral cancers, including lip, tongue, cheeks, and gums. If you follow this habits, seek help and try to reduce your risk of cancer.

Visit the Dentist

Nothing beats the professionals and when it comes to ways to improve your dental health Sani Dental Group is the right call. Make sure you visit your dentist at least twice a year, remember that your dentists can keep an eye out for dental disease like:

  • Bad Breath
  • Gum Disease (Periodontal)
  • Oral Cancer
  • Tooth Decay
  • Tooth Erosion

We know there could be many reasons for you to avoid the dentist, but please take our advice and visit your dentist. When visiting Sani Dental Group you have the guarantee that a professional will take care of your oral needs and all at an affordable rate; come and be part of the Sani Dental Experience and see for yourself all the benefits we offer.

Consider Dental Procedures

When we first meet a person, the place where we concentrate our vision is their smile; having crooked, stained or missing teeth can affect your self-esteem. Many avoid the dentist out fear, but you shouldn’t fear the dentist; over the past decade there have been several advances in cosmetic dentistry. By visiting your dentist, he might offer you the option of a dental procedure if necessary take his advice into consideration. His advice will help you have a healthier smile and at an affordable price.

Sani Dental Group has dedicated years to learned the techniques that will protect your teeth, improve your dental health, and help you have a healthier smile. Why don’t you schedule an appointment with one of our patient coordinator and see for yourself all the dental services we have available for you.