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Healthy Dental Habits for Seniors

All of us follow different habits, things that we have been doing for years; some habits make our life easier and others are simply done for no apparent reason. For this week tips our dental clinic will like to offer you a few healthy dental habits that you should try to follow at all times.
Here at Sani Dental Group our team of professional dentist wants you to have best and strongest smile, whether you are young or a senior.

Healthy Dental Habits for Seniors

Daily: Brushing and Flossing

Brushing and flossing your teeth is surely something that your dentist recommends you to do every time you visit him. Brushing and flossing your teeth is important and if you and your love ones want to prevent dental problems this is something you should do daily. Even if you haven’t had a cavity in years, you may develop these now; the risk of cavities increases with age.

If you take many prescription medications, you might suffer from dry mouth and this can lead to many dental problems.
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FACT: Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, will reduce the risk of gum disease.

Here are some other dental habits that will help seniors have good oral health:

  • When purchasing a toothbrush, choose a toothbrush with soft bristles and a small head; these features will make it easier to get to those hard to reach areas.
  • Remember to replace your toothbrush every three or four months or at the first sight of the bristles becoming frayed.
  • If you suffer from arthritis or other conditions that limit your movement, Sani Dental Group invites you to use an electric toothbrush.
  • When purchasing oral care products, look for the ADA seal of acceptance, when their seal is set on their package you can trust that the product is safe.

Regular Visits to the Dentist

Never wait until it is too late, get regular dental checkups at least once a year. Remember as one age, the nerves inside your teeth become smaller and less sensitive. By the time you feel pain from cavities, it may be too late and you might lose your teeth.

Also as one get older, one becomes more prone to dental diseases like: oral cancer and gum disease. Through regular dental visits your dentist can reduce the risk of this disease and many others.

When you go to your dentist for your regular check-up make sure you bring with you the following information:

  • Dental insurance or Medicaid cards
  • Information and phone numbers of all health care providers, including: dentist and/or doctors
  • List of medications (include: herbal remedies, over-the-counter medications and/or vitamins
  • Medicines use to treat allergies or medical conditions
  • Your dentures or partials, even if you don’t wear them
  • Your emergency contacts information

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Smoking: Time to Quit?

Smoking can harm your oral health, if you have this habit and you’re a senior we invite you to quit smoking. Tobacco products can lead to gum disease.
In addition smoking can lead to the following dental problems:

  • Bad Breath
  • Bone Loss (Jaw)
  • Gum Disease
  • Increased Risk of Oral Cancer
  • Leukoplakia Reduce Success of Dental Procedures
  • Tooth Discoloration

Tabaco sticks to the bone and soft tissue of your teeth, if you are a heavy-smoker you will be vulnerable to infections, smoking tobacco products interferes with the normal function of gum tissue and affects blood flow.

If you can and want to prevent future dental problems we invite you to quit.

Water and Fluorine

Whether you are young or only young at heart, drinking water with fluoride is good for you, water with fluoride can help to prevent tooth decay.

Today many countries have water systems with added fluoride, but is you are someone who prefers to drink bottle water be careful; check the label because many do not contain fluoride.
If you are planning to purchase a water in your home, we invite you to visit the ADA Seal product search page for a list of water filters that do not remove fluoride from tap water; some home water filters remove fluoride from the tap water.

FACT: Fluoride is nature’s cavity fighter, by using it you will reduce gum disease.

Promoting Healthy Smiles

Regardless of the time that has passed since a bad habit started, it never too late to change. Having healthy dental habits will prevent many future dental problems and with more than 30 professional dentists, Sani Dental Group is more than capable of doing basic routine teeth check-up or an advanced “complex” dental surgery. We invite you to contact one of our patient coordinator, let them know your oral health concern and ask him/her for healthy dental habits that will benefit you.

Come and visit the city of Los Algodones, come to the capital of dental tourism and learn how Sani Dental Group can help you restore your smile, your confidence, your joy, and provide you healthy dental tips that will help you avoid certain habits.