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Habits that Affect Teeth

All of us follow different habits, things that we have been doing for years; some habits make our life easier and others are simply done for no apparent reason.

Throughout the month of July we learn of different habits that can harm or destroy our teeth; we learned how to prevent these and protect our smile. In the blog we discuss dental procedures, oral pathologies, talking about traveling and even eccentric pathologies. This week we will study 5 habits that can cause permanent damage in our teeth; let’s begin the digestion of these easy topics.


Bulimia is a psychological problem that affects people both emotionally and physically; the anxiety associated with bulimia has even caused death. Unlike anorexia, were the person slowly starves himself to lose weight, people who suffer from bulimia will binge eat and then self-induce vomit. This way the “control” their weight, however what many don’t know is the damage this habit caused their body.

The self-induced vomit and binge eating will damage your body and your teeth. The enamel in your teeth will weaken, especially in the front teeth. Once the damage is done it is absolutely necessary that you visit your dentist.

Only he can determine the extent of the damage; during the diagnosis, your dentist might identify:

  • Blood in vomiting
  • Enlarged salivary glands
  • Gum disease from vomiting stomach acids
  • Inflammation of the esophagus
  • Tooth decay

Chewing on Ice

After finishing your favorite drink, there is a possibility that some ice is left over.

What do we do with it? Well, most likely we will begin to bite and munch on the ice. 

Studies suggest that we do this because of Food Cravings; as the term suggests during this phase our brain releases chemicals that force us to chew or bite on things. in most cases: ice.

When diagnose with this habit, patients often have a deficiency in iron. 

Biting on ice can cause your teeth to chip or crack; however the effect will not be felt until the numbness effects wear off. Ice can also irritate the soft tissue inside the tooth; causing more pain.

Chewing on Pencils

Do you have a test soon? or do you need to concentrate? Many tend to chew on a pencil especially when studying or a work meeting. However just like crunching on ice, chewing on a pencil, can crack teeth or cause them to chip.

Instead we advise you chew on sugarless gum, gum is soft and triggers the flow of saliva. As we have learn as saliva, can wash away bacteria left over and re-mineralize our teeth; making our teeth stronger and protecting from enamel-breaking acids.

Opening Stuff with Your Teeth

Your teeth are not your hands! Many of us have us our teeth to open bottles, potato chip bags or other things our fingers grip cannot open.

Dentist often hear stories from their patients in which they mention how they use their teeth to open all sorts of things. Their advised, simple… stop! Your teeth are meant to be used for eating; not opening things. Instead always keep scissors and bottle openers nearby.

Tongue Pierced

There are trends that benefit you and others that can actually harm your teeth. Tongue pierce is one of those trends that can harm your teeth. 

Having this piercing can damage your teeth because every time you bite down on the metal stud, your teeth can weaken and cause them to crack. Regarding a lip piercing, there is several similar oral risk; these include, gum disease and tooth decay.

Always, remember that your mouth is full of bacteria, by piercing your tongue, lips or cheeks increases the risk of infections or sores. If you do decide to follow this trend please let your dentist know, he/she can provide you more personalized tips that help prevent diseases or tooth loss.

Do you like your smile? We know you do and that you want to keep strong, bright and beautiful. Our dental clinic and dentists want your smile to be healthy and strong; for this reason every month we offer you tips and interesting information about new dental treatments or new ways to protect your smile.

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