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We're still open, we take patient and staff safety seriously. We are actively monitoring updates regarding COVID-19, as well as, updates related to the U.S./Mexico International border.

Based on information from the border control authorities, Traveling for medical/dental purposes is considered as essential travel, fulfilling the conditions to cross the border during its partial closure.

We stand ready to assist our patients and employees.

Global Patients Choice

In recent years, there has been an increase in the numbers of patients who are seeking affordable dental care outside of their local healthcare systems. Many patients travel to others countries searching for a dental clinic that provides them the same high standards their local dentist can offer them, but at a fraction of the cost.

Dental Departures

Dental Departures is a company whose purpose is to offer superior customer service; by performing a series of activities designed to provide enhanced levels of customer satisfaction. Among the activities Dental Departures offers their clients include: 

  • Great Selection – Dental Departures offers about 3000 dental clinics in 29 countries; selecting your dentist has never been easier.
  • Quality Clinics – all the dental clinics listed on their site offer certified dentist and all comply with the highest standards in healthcare.
  • Real Reviews from Real-People – Unlike other site, for this company your opinion is top priority.
  • One Stop Shopping – Dental Departures offer their patients Hotels, Insurance and Dental Appointments all in call.
  • Easy Booking – Schedule an appointment either through the phone or online; restores your smile in just one call.

In addition to offering you these activities, every year Dental Departures ask their patients whom they considered the best dental clinic, the participating dental clinics are divided by country. In the 2014 election, the Global Patient's Choice was awarded to Sani Dental Group, the patient’s granted our dental clinic as the best dental clinic in Mexico.

Life gives us many options and throughout our life we have had several opportunities. With the help of Dental Departures, dental patients can know what dental clinics are available in the region, the prices they offer and the standards these clinics offer.

Global Patient's Choice

In 2013 Sani Dental Group assisted more than 6,000 new patients helping them with everything, from a simple dental procedure like a routine oral cleaning to a more complicated surgery such as: all on 8 or full- mouth restorations.

Sani Dental Group is one of the most prestigious dental clinics in Mexico and is one of the largest dental clinics at Los Algodones, Baja California; offering our patients affordable dental procedures. Our dental clinic has both: skillful dentists and top of the edge equipment; capable of handling the hardest cases.

Fact: Los Algodones is considered the capital of dental tourism in Mexico.

After viewing and review customers opinions, Dental Departures made the announcement; Sani Dental Group was selected as the best dental clinic in Mexico.

Who made this selection? Our patients selected Sani Dental Group as one of the top dental clinics in Mexico.

Dental Departures understands the importance of having good relationships and understands that if they want to offer superior levels of customer satisfaction Dental Departure must have the best team available. 

At the award ceremony, Sani Dental Group manager Víctor Jiménez thanked Dental Departures representatives for their effort and the excellent work ethic that has been established. In addition, Sani Dental Group would like to thank all who made this possible by voting for us; because this award wouldn't have been possible without our patients.

Now we would like to know: Why did you choose us? What is the most attractive option we offer you?
Leave us your comments and let us know! Thank you for choosing Sani Dental Group as the best dental clinic in Mexico and as your first choice to take care of your periodontal needs.

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