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Full Dentures in Mexico Made Affordable

People can lose their teeth for many reasons; they may be born with bad teeth, lose them with age or lose them as a result of accidents, diseases, and poor oral hygiene, among other reasons. Losing teeth affects their ability to speak and eat and overall their quality of life.
The most common and reliable method to solve this issue is dentures. Even though there are other options, such as dental implants, many patients may not be able to go through this procedure. Others, for personal reasons, decide to not go under surgery.
In such cases, full dentures in Mexico can be a good option.


What are dentures? 

Dentures are a replacement for missing teeth and their surrounding tissues. They consist of artificial teeth placed on a base that imitates the soft tissues and the palate. There are two types of dentures. Full dentures and partial dentures and can be made from acrylic or porcelain.
Patients can also choose implant-supported dentures if they have enough jaw bone to support implants.
Using dentures can help to solve speech and eating problems and improve the patient’s confidence.

Full Dentures

This type of denture is used when the patient has lost all of their teeth. Full dentures fit over the gums and stay in their place by suction. They should be removed at night, so that the patient's mouth can relax from wearing them all day.

They are usually made out of acrylic, making them hard and resistant.

Patients often choose acrylic prostheses because of their affordability and ease of cleaning and care.

Dentures made of this material are a great option for patients who suffer from bone loss.

Complete dentures can also be made of porcelain; they are durable and wear resistant, preserving the length of the teeth for a longer time compared to acrylic dentures.

With proper care, full dentures can last between 5 and 10 years before replacing them.
Getting full dentures in Mexico can be a great option if you’re looking for high-quality work for an affordable price.

How do I take care of my full dentures? 

Patients need to take proper care of their dentures for them to last a long time so they can keep enjoying the benefits they bring. Some indications to keep full dentures in a good state are:

  • Rinse the dentures after eating to keep away from bacteria from accumulating on the porous structure of it.
  • Remove the prosthesis at night and submerge it in a disinfectant solution.
  • If the denture is made of porcelain, it is important to be careful when cleaning it, as this material is fragile.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are used with patients with a few missing teeth but still have some natural teeth remaining in the upper or lower arch. To be a good candidate for these dentures, the remaining teeth have to be very healthy, otherwise, the dentist will recommend extracting them and using a full denture instead.

This type of denture is removable and works with clasps that connect to the rest of the teeth, sometimes, rather than clasps, precision attachments are used, and these attachments are usually more esthetic.
These dentures will fill in the spaces left by missing teeth and not only with a cosmetic purpose, but they can also help the patient chew and speak better and prevent the rest of the teeth from shifting position.
Partial dentures are not that hard to adjust to, there might be a bit of discomfort at the beginning, but it will be gone within the days.

How to  take care of partial  dentures

One of the main characteristics of partial dentures is that they’re very simple to take care of, but it doesn’t mean that the care provided is not important. Some tips to maintain your partial dentures are:

  • DO NOT use toothpaste to clean your dentures.
  • Use a denture-designed brush or a soft-bristled brush to remove food and plaque from the dentures, this will help avoid stains.
  • Keep the denture moist so it doesn’t lose its shape.
  • NEVER force the denture into position by biting down, this can break the clasps.

Implant-supported Dentures

Also known as Snap-On dentures, is another teeth replacement alternative for people who are missing teeth but have enough bone in the jaw to support implants that have special attachments that snap onto the implants.

One of the main benefits of these dentures is that they offer more stability than traditional dentures, they do not slip off or come loose, thanks to this advantage, patients do not have to worry about their dentures slipping off at inconvenient moments, giving them more confidence.

Another great advantage of implant-supported dentures is that they help to strengthen the jawbone, preventing its degradation.

Another advantage of Snap-On dentures is that sores caused by loose dentures rubbing against the gums are no longer a problem because of the stability they provide.

How do implant-supported dentures work?

Traditional dentures are made to fit the jaw and are stable on their own without needing extra support offered by implants. Implant-supported dentures, like it is stated in their name, stay in place through implants.

The implants, which work like posts, are surgically placed into the jaw at specific areas so they can support the dentures, which are snapped into place using the posts.

You can check this video out to learn a bit more about Snap-On Dentures:

Fixed Dentures

There’s also the option of fixed implant-supported dentures, which are not removable. They are securely attached to implants but, they tend to cost a bit more than the removable ones.

If fixed implant-supported dentures are a good fit for you, getting your fixed dentures in Mexico can be a great option, you’ll get great service at an affordable price and you’ll get your beautiful smile back!

How to take care of your implant-supported dentures

Some implant-supported dentures are removable, but of course, the implants fixed to your jaw are not. The fact that they’re removable means you can take them out at the end of the day to properly clean and take of them.

It is very important that every day before putting on your dentures and after taking them off, you brush your gums, tongue and the roof of your mouth with a soft-bristled brush to prevent bacteria from causing you oral health problems.

To clean your dentures you can use a soft-bristled brush too, to eliminate particles from the surface. Also, rinse them before brushing to remove loose food and debris.

If you’re planning on getting this type of denture, check out our price list to see how the snap-on dentures cost in Mexico can be more affordable than in the U.S.

To take care of non-removable fixed implant-supported dentures there’s not a special cleaning routine, just make sure to brush and floss daily just like with natural teeth.

Which type of denture is the best? 

Each type of denture has its advantages, to know which the best option for you is it is important to see a dental professional to be assisted in this decision. They will help you see which type of denture fills your necessities and adjusts to your budget.


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