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Fixing Dental Horror Stories: Sani Dental Group Reviews

Going to the dentist can be a terrifying experience for many of us. The reasons could be different, from a personal traumatic experience we had in the past or to someone close to us, and sometimes the fear is direct to our wallets for thinking how much is it going to cost.

Yes, it has happened to us as too and to some of the patients at Sani Dental Group. That is why we wanted to share a few of the Dental Horror Stories they have shared with us over the last years and what happened when they got resolved.

Let’s start with the first story.

STORY #1: All Teeth Removed

Imagine going to the dentist and they say that your only option is to have ALL of your teeth removed to fix your smile. That doesn’t sound like good news, right? Well, that was the case of Tony Daniels from Idaho, United States. This is what he told us when he got his first dentist quote:

“My teeth were rotted from years of neglect. I hadn’t been to the dentist in like 20 years and they looked horrible. At the time my teeth were in very bad shape and my only choice was to have them all removed and to have dental false teeth”

As any person with this type of news, Tony Daniels looked for a second opinion and luckily he got the chance he needed to keep smiling.

“They gave me a whole new mouth with my original teeth and roots, just like they’re brand new teeth.”

Our specialists worked with Tony to give him the smile he deserved saving many of his teeth by getting a few dental crowns and implants.

“They’re perfect and I haven’t had a problem ever since. This was done about 4 years ago and they still work like they were put in yesterday, no pain, the just work like brand new teeth.”

He ended up saying:

“My dentist in California wanted to charge me 30k to have all this work done. I got all this work done for around $5,000 including hotel stay”

Take a look at the complete video review on the link above!

STORY #2: Overcharged

This is not the only case we have seen patients save huge amounts of money and going home with amazing results.

Vicki Whiteman shared a nightmare story example when she found out that her local an unbelievable prize for dental work. This is what she said on June 25th:

“I got an original quote, here in Bakersfield for $99,990 for implants. Sani Dental said they could do it for under $20k for implants on the top & crowns on the bottom. Sani Dental said they could do it for under $20k for implants on the top & crowns on the bottom.”

Many people get this kind of news when consulting with their local dentist. Medical tourism has allowed Americans and Canadians to change that by getting affordable dental care and that is exactly what happened to Vicki.

Saving more than 70% in dental work is one of the main perks of dental tourism around the world. You might think that for this price is almost impossible to receive good quality in dental work, but it is completely the opposite.

Dental practice in Mexico can be affordable for many reasons.

One of the main reasons is that most universities subsidize their student’s education, meaning that when young dentists and specialists graduate won’t have huge student loans.

Another reason is that the cost of living in Mexico is not as expensive. Thanks to lower taxes in this country and the exchange rate difference between a US dollar and the Mexican peso contributes to the prices in Mexico being more accessible to travel from North America.

Dentists usually charge fair prices for their services, being easy and accessible even to many Mexican families.

The price does not compromise the quality of their work, and even patients just like Vicki can relate:

“Dr. Allen did a wonderful job for me. He’s caring & has an attention to detail & perfection. Do your homework & then consult Sani Dental in Los Algodones!"

STORY #3: Dental Treatment At a Different Countryalgodones-dentist

Traveling to a country we have never been to before can make us feel even more nervous about going to the dentist. Our next story is from a patient who had a nightmare feeling when she arrived at a clinic away from her hometown.

Liane Williams shared via Facebook the story about the first time she tried dental tourism and this is what happened:

“I needed dental work really bad. But could not afford the cost so I went to Tijuana first and it scared me so bad that I left immediately. I am sure there are good dentists in Tijuana however not the one I went to. I was disappointed and wanted to give up”

Liane started to research different dental clinics around Mexico until she found the one, this is how the story ended:

“I did a little more research and found Sani Dental Group in Los Algodones. Oh man, what a difference. A small town packed with dental offices but I was most impressed with Sani-dental. Very modern very, very clean unbelievable friendly staff. Dentists are amazing. I had to have extractions and a bone graft done. So scary, but my dentist Dr. Camacho, his assistant, and the oral surgeon made me feel so comfortable they took my fear away. When my dentist saw how nervous I was, he said “trust me" and I did. The result was me being relaxed and didn’t feel a thing. Afterward, I had little to no pain. I have not been able to smile showing my teeth for years or wear lipstick… Well guess what? Sani dental gave me my smile back and the prettiest smile I ever had. At a very, very low cost.”

It is important that just like Liane, no matter which clinic you choose to get your dental treatment in Mexico, you feel safe the very moment you arrive.

That is why making full research is essential when it comes to finding that one dental clinic that could make you feel as safe as home.

Most people prefer Los Algodones to receive their dental treatment since is it is known as the dental capital of the world, but trying to find a clinic in a town where there are over 300 of them is no easy task.

It is very important to look at these facts before you make a decision:

  • Clinic Credentials and Accreditations. Make sure it is a certified clinic from the American Dental Association.
  • Doctor’s Experience and Certifications. Medical specialists should update regularly, that is why it is important to review their studies, certifications, and course attendance so you can decide on who will treat you.
  • Bilingual Staff. Understanding your dentist plays a big role when we are talking about safety and comfort. Choose someone with who you can explain your options.
  • Warranty. A clinic that knows that will do an amazing job will have a warranty on their procedures.
  • All in One Place. That way you don’t have to wait long hours or go from one place to another just to get a diagnosis that could take days. Saving time must be a priority in your travel schedule.

Following this advice can make you feel safe about making the right decision and just like Liane Williams, you will be able to smile again!

STORY #4: Bone Loss vs. Dental Implants

This is a story about a person that lost all hopes for dental treatment due to bone loss. Doctors from her hometown told her that there was nothing they could do anymore. Phyllis Goodwin from California, United States shared her dental horror story with us after she was told there was not a solution for her.

Phyllis had her first set of dental implants set up at a dental clinic in her hometown, but due to medical complications they started to fall out:

“I have had dental work similar, not as complicated but a bit similar in the US and it had cost so much money and when I had cancer and had to have radiation, I lost all the work that I had done. I just couldn’t afford to do that and pay all that again, plus they had no solution for the bone loss, they had no way of getting past that.”

Mrs. Goodwin contacted our clinic and we had just the solution she needed, a treatment called Zygomatic Dental Implants. 

Zygomatic Implants - Fixing Dental Horror Stories: Sani Dental Group Reviews

Zygomatic implants are an alternative for patients with extreme atrophy (complete absence of the bone) of the maxillary bone.

Sani Dental Group is the only clinic in Los Algodones that offers this treatment since it is the only one having an Operation Room and a Certified Maxillofacial Surgeon to perform this operation.

“Where I live I don’t think they’re even offering this, at least they did not give me that option and I’m certain because I paid $16,000 just to have regular implants before, I would imagine that this was far more than I could afford and to feel that I have permanent teeth again.”

The surgeon places the implants in the Zygomatic bone which allows the rehabilitation of the patients who suffer from bone loss. The zygomatic bone offers a better density and sufficient thickness to provide anchorage and loading of an implant. Is situated at the upper and lateral part of the face.

“It feels like I have permanent teeth and this is just my temporaries, it feels secure. When I had implants before and they were regular ones you get at home, I always felt like they were a little loose but I have had bone loss already. It wasn’t until after the last radiation sessions that they got so loose that they fell out, so I just never had felt that secure with my teeth since I had already issues with the implants. I thought I had no options or options were limited and I didn’t think they were going to be able to find enough bone but they did. I couldn’t be happier.”

Click here to view the complete story.

STORY #5: Colton’s Full Mouth Restoration

This next story has moved the hearts of many people around the United States. Colton Ficek is a young man who lost the majority of his teeth due to a rare disease. Unfortunately, his dental insurance did not cover the treatment he needed to get his smile back.

“While I was 14 I had a rare disease called TENS stands for toxic epidermal necrolysis syndrome, pretty much scarred my body from head to toe and third-degree burns, so scarred shut my saliva glands and you need your saliva to keep your teeth clean. Over the 5 years, my teeth start falling apart and decaying so I had to get all my teeth pulled now".

Toxic epidermal necrolysis syndrome can have severe symptoms that can be potentially life-threatening since they include fever, skin blisters, burning, and skin peeling. This caused a big shock to Colton’s family.

"It was hard seeing him, you know, he was just in pain as he was eating constantly and you know sleeping at night it was uncomfortable for him to sleep just because of the pain that his teeth were bringing him. He had towards the end of it, he had a filling in every tooth of his mouth, so you know it was really sad to see him. He pretty much does you know lost his teeth completely so that's why we had to have them all removed". Chase Ficek, Colton’s older brother recalled.

Colton and his family did not give up. They started a Go Fund Me account that soon started trending online. The Ficek family got in touch with us and we knew instantly that we had to help.

Colton was able to discard his current dentures to have dental implants that looked and felt just like regular teeth with the help of our specialists.

We invite you to take a look at the video above so you can hear about the complete story.

Sani Dental Group Doctors - Fixing Dental Horror Stories: Sani Dental Group Reviews

Facing all of these five Sani Dental Group Reviews are challenges that we encounter every day at both of our clinics. We truly appreciate the trust that our patients have given us to help them recover the smile of their dreams. 

Fixing dental horror stories is a dare that we are willing to solve as the #1 clinic in Los Algodones!

Give us a call to request a free quote and get more information.