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Five Life Saving Fruits and Vegetables

The digestion is almost complete. 5 new fruits and vegetableswill be provided this week, remember improving your eating habits and being more selective in the foods we eat; will make a great difference in our lives. For Sani Dental Group; your smile is important, but we also care about your health. Knowing the nutritional value certain fruitsand vegetablesoffer you, will make it easier for you to pick what you eat. The dish is serve are you ready to digest?


A plant that grows up to 1 m tall, this plant is usually an orange color and these usually grow in seasons of summer and fall. Carrots are known to have properties that help with site; however “is there any other health benefit that carrots offered?” Carrots are rich in antioxidants the can help prevent certain types of cancers, improve your cardiovascular health, help our vision and support our immune system.

The antioxidants found in carrots include Vitamin C, Caratenoids, Hydrocynnamic acids and Anthocyanin. The combination of these antioxidants pigments will reduce the risk of diseases such as: cancers, visual acuity, cardiovascular diseases and neurodegenerative disorders (associated with old age). The cardiovascular benefits that carrots offered is amazing, there are numerous studies that show the impact carrots have in our heart and blood vessels. Carrots will improve the arteries, veins or capillaries damaged through the pass of time; believe us when we say, “your heart will thank you”. In today’s world having a good vision is important, most of the things we like are things we see; whether it is a good movie, a photograph or your love ones. Carrots have compound that will improve our vision and allow us to treasure the moments for years, not letting us miss any details. Is there cancer in your family? Hopefully not, this is one of the most deadly diseases now a day; however the antioxidants and the fiber in carrots will help reduce the risk, especially any who suffer colon cancer or are at risk due to family history.

If we would like to prevent diseases add a few carrots into your diet; if unfortunately you are already suffering them having a balance diet will improve your health and maybe even eliminate some of the diseases you are suffering.


Cherries, the little round fruitthat we all loved; but do you the health benefits that a cherry can offer? Well cherries are actually consider super-foods and can help reduce belly fat, joint pain and help those who suffer insomnia. Research has found that cherries have compounds that will help you reduce weight, so if you suffer from high cholesterol cherries might be the solution you are looking for. The gout, an arthritis and rheumatism attack; can cause burning, pain, stiffness swelling and a BIG TOE. However, the consumption of cherries can help you reduce the chance of getting gout; the consumption of 10-12 cherries will make the difference.

After working out in the gym, most of our muscles feel sore and tired; Cherries help you fight post-exercise soreness, a cup of cherries is all you need to reduce muscle inflammation and restore damage muscles. No more excuses to have an intense work-out.

Other areas cherries can help you include: reduce the risk of a stroke, osteoarthritis and help you sleep well at night. Do you have stress, a busy mind, unhealthy eating habits or unbalanced hormones (women)? The consumption of cherries will significantly increase sleep time, sleep efficiency and reduce the number of times you wake up during the night. Cherries, the little round fruit that we all loved and now loved even more!

Citrus Fruits

There is a wide variety of fruitsthat we can talk about for this section: grapefruits, lime, lemons, oranges, tangerines, among others. Their flavor and health benefits are unique and like most fruits we can consume them either in the morning, noon or late at night. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber and taste. Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C, which strengthens our immune system; these fruits can also help with cardiovascular diseases, cancers, anemia, and cataracts. Include citrus fruits in your diet and enjoy life the way it should be; disease free and full of energy.

Dark Green Vegetables

Green Veggies probably the nightmare of many of us; it’s very common for kids and even adults to hate dark leafy vegetables. However dark leafy vegetables are low in calories, low in fat, a good source of protein, high in iron, calcium and rich in vitamins C, carotenoids, lutein, folate, magnesium and vitamin K. We already know the positive effects that vitamin C, carotenoids, magnesium and vitamin K have. Now regarding Lutein; it helps keep your eyes safe from oxidative stress, in other words it makes you stronger and help prevent/reduce cancer, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, atherosclerosis, heart failure, Sickle Cell Disease, among other diseases. Folate, Folic Acid, is especially important for pregnant women as it helps the baby development; but Folic Acid also reduces the risk of cancers, strokes and heart diseases.

Here are a few dark green you can include in your diet: Kale, Turnips, Spinach, Broccoli, Lettuce, Cabbage and Collars, Chard; of course there are plenty more, these are just some of the most popular ones.


An oval dark purple vegetable with a yellow interior that is low in calories and great source of energy. This vegetable is loaded with vitamins A, B, C, Folate and minerals such as: potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorous. A particular compound found in Eggplant is Nasunin; Nasunin is a potent antioxidant that protects cell membranes from damage, it can prevent angiogenesis from occurring and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Angiogenesis – a physical process in which new blood vessels form from pre-existing vessels.

Sani Dental Group has provided you several tips and ideas to help you improve eating habits and learn the nutritional value that certain fruits and vegetables have. This week list of fruits and vegetables feature some less favorite vegetables however after learning their nutritional value, we know you will include them in your diet. More information is able in our blogs or you can call toll free 1-855-SANI-DDS or (928) 257-1307 and make an appointment and obtain more details in the services and benefits we offer you.

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