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Family Caregivers Their Importance

When my father and mother grew old, my brothers and I got together to discuss how would we take care of them. We had always lived happy and memorable moments with them and all we wanted is for these to last as many year as possible. This is we began to research information related to the subject; this is when we discover the term caregiver.

A caregiver is an unpaid or paid person (usually family) who assists a family member or an individual with his or her daily activities. We also discover that there are many associations and resources available to help you with this new and complicated task.

While investigating we also learned of the troubles caregiver face, the effects of this new responsibility and the options available to relieve or reduce the pressure associate with the task.

Workplace and the Family Caregivers

If you work and have to take care of an elderly family member then you know of the hard times you can experience. If you work with an employer that allows you to take sick leave or work at home in order to take care of your elderly family member or a parent; then consider yourself lucky. Everyday thousands of employees are in trouble of losing there your job when taking care of their love ones’.

Research shows that employees ages 55 to 64 took an average of 18 days off of work; compared with 10 days for workers ages 16 to 24.
If you are the family’s caregiver and at the same time work, our dental clinic admires you; managing your time and this responsibility, here are a few associated facts:

  • On average caregivers work full or part time while taking care of a love one.
  • In the past decade 4 out of 10 U.S. workers have provided care for an elderly relative or friend.
  • Studies show that 7 out of 10 working caregivers had to made accommodations in their work schedule with their boss.
  • More than 44 million Americans provide 37 billion hours of unpaid to care for a love one, with chronic illnesses or conditions that prevent them to do daily activities.

The Impact on their Life

Organizations like AARP or the FCA have fought to help strengthen the benefits and protection available for family caregivers. No one should have to choose between their jobs and their loved ones; workplace should be able to offer their employees a few opportunities to assist their ill love ones.
“Sick leave is critical not only for working parents with young children, but for workers caring for grandchildren or aging parents,” said Marilyn Askin of AARP New Jersey.

Caregivers Health and Emotions

When you become the family caregiver, not only do you need to make a few changes in your work schedule or on your home and its surroundings; but also on your health and emotions.

Research shows that if not careful caregivers’ health can be deeply impacted; caregivers constantly report high levels of depression and mental health problems, when compare to non-caregiving. Many have felt frustrated, angry, drained, guilty or helpless because of being a caregiver.

In other cases a caregiver health is at stake because of the lack of sleep they experience after looking up for their love one. Many, have to purchase new equipment or are forced to make changes to their home, to adjust to their family member in need.

Fact: 1 out of 3 person 65 years and older, has a fall in their home each year – this figure increases every decade.

Here at Sani Dental Group, we admire and respect everyone who has taken on the responsibility of being a caregiver. Our dental offices know that many of you have made different sacrifices, adjustments with your boss, among repairs in your home.

Visit us, we invite you to come to the city of Los Algodones, where you can expect excellent dental services at affordable prices. In addition, the city offers a warm, dry climate that attracts thousands of elderly tourists every year.

Taking care of your family member shouldn’t be a hassle or seen as a burden. Remember how your parents took care of you for many years? If we have the responsibility of being your parents’ caregiver, then feel joyful; just like your parents did when they took care of you. Make memories and strong bonds with then, believe us your family member will deeply appreciate all the small or big things you do for them.

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