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Driving Tips ? Safety First

Summer is just around the corner and so are vacations! Sani Dental Group is primary concern with your dental health, but we know that many of you will soon be traveling; either to meet-up with friends, family or to visit your favorite vacation spot. In order to have a safe drive, our dental clinic and staff would like to offer a few tip that will help you on your trip.

Don’t Text and Drive

Before you hit the road, answer and make all the calls you need to make; once the trip begins, put your phone in silent or vibrator mode. We even invite you to put your found out of your reached, this way you won’t be tempted to answer your phone while driving. Even using hands-free is an enormous and dangerous distraction try to avoid these and prevent an accident.

Keep Drinks Safe

Avoid spills, store loose cans or bottles securely. Prevent accidents by secure loose items and drink, avoid them rolling through the pedals or the trunk.

Look for Your Comfort Zone

Before the trip begins, adjust your car’s mirrors and driver’s seat. Your car’s dashboard can obscured your vision and lead to numerous of accidents. Always keep the top of the dashboard free.

Prepare for the Trip

Mentally prepare yourself for the trip, study the route or set up in you GPS device before hitting the road.

Secure your Smallest Love Ones

Before the adventure begins, make sure all passengers are secure and with their seatbelts; this includes young children and pets. Properly restrained your pet before the trip starts, the last thing you want is to see your pup jump onto your lap, distract you and cause an accident.

Stop and Eat, Before or After the Trip

Avoid eating, drinking or smoking while the car is in motion; these actions involve keeping one hand of the wheel and can even be distracting.

The Travel Playlist

Before hitting the road, pre-set your travel playlist, changing radio station, looking for the dials and buttons will take your eyes off the road and can lead to accident.

The tips above will help you have a safe drive this summer and overall, we invite you to share these tips with you love ones and make memorable moments with them. If you are experiencing any dental pain, Sani Dental Group invites you to spend time at the Dentists. Avoid distractions and accidents this summer, have a safe drive protect your love ones and create new smiles.