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Do I need a Visa or Passport to Travel to Mexico?

When planning a trip to a new destination, there are a lot of questions that pop into our minds. For example, how much money do I need? Are there any good hotels in town? And most importantly, do I need a visa to enter the country I’m visiting soon? Don’t worry, when choosing Los Algodones as your dental spot of choice we’d like you to know that we’ve got you covered.

Becoming a Dental Tourist in Mexico

For anyone looking for affordable high-quality dental care, looking for options outside of your country of residence can be a scary thing to do, especially when you’re about to travel to a new country or city. We all have been there, so we completely understand. Plus, all of our patients have been exactly where you’re right now, and just last year we gave back their smiles to more than 9,000 people. This year, you could be part one of that number.

The first thing you have to do before traveling for dental treatments is make deep internet research about the clinics that have the treatments you’re looking for. Once you make sure of it, take a look at their location and price list. If this is inside your budget, then you’re a couple of steps closer to your new smile.
You might have a long list of clinics you think they’re a good option, but don’t make rush decisions. Take a look at the clinic’s doctors and credentials, reviews from past patients, their warranty plan, and if they take different payment options and insurance companies, and aim to the clinic that gives you clear and useful information.

Do I Need a Passport or Visa to Enter Mexico?

This is a very popular question among travelers or medical tourists that are about to make their first trip, and it’s very important for everyone to look for the right information to avoid problems. If you’re traveling to Mexico and you’re wondering if you need a passport or visa to enter the country, the next information will be very useful.

  • If you're traveling to Mexico for business or tourism from Canada or the United States you won't need to apply for a formal visa.
  • The maximum period of time you can stay in Mexico as a tourist without a formal visa is six months, so your first step is to make sure your passport is valid for at least six months from your arrival in Mexico. Otherwise, an immigration officer might deny you entry.
  • For a visit longer than 120 days, you'll need a tourist visa.
  • You can’t cross the border with just a driver’s license. In simpler times, it was possible, but today laws on both sides of the border require that travelers from the U.S. or Canada have a valid passport to enter Mexico and return home.
  • If you’re traveling with kids or with an underage, you will have to carry a valid passport in your own name in order to enter and exit Mexico.

For the current status of the border crossing, visit our Los Algodones Border page.

Do I Need a Passport or Visa to Return to the United States?

It’s sad when the vacations are over, but coming back home with a new smile is amazing. The only thing necessary to enter back to the United States or Canada after you’ve been in Mexico for a few days or weeks is your passport (not expired), and make sure the people that travel with you also have their passports up to date.

Sani Dental Group at Los Algodones, Mexico

We’re sure that during your internet research, you will read about great places to visit to recover your smile. But do all of those offer what Sani Dental Group offers to their patients?

Sani Dental Group is not only the largest dental group in Los Algodones but is one of the largest in Mexico as well. We have more than 30 dentists and specialists dedicated to treating all your dental needs.

We invite you to check our price list, you’ll realize that having your smile done with us will make you save up to 70% in dental treatments in comparison with the U.S. and Canadian prices.

Also, we give our patients amazing warranty plans, along with different payment options, and help with the paperwork for their financial aid of choice.

We have two clinics in town and more than 30 specialists working every day to help you recover the smile you’ve lost, with the aid of edge technology and a wide variety of dental treatments.

Being a Sani Dental Group patient comes with a lot of benefits such as monthly promotions, free shuttle service, and lodging promotions! What are you waiting for to book your appointment? Give us a call, our team of patient coordinators is waiting to talk to you and guide you through the process.