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Dentures in Mexico: Reviews and Prices in Algodones

If you’ve lost all of your natural teeth or most of them, whether from tooth decay, an injury or gum disease, there are several methods for replacing missing teeth that will benefit your appearance and your health.

Things that sometimes other people take for granted like eat or speak fluently, will now be easier with the help of dentures.

Dentures are replacing missing teeth that will improve your appearance and smile, plus they can help you eat and speak more comfortably. Are you worried how you’d look with one? Don’t. Today's dentures are natural looking and more comfortable than ever.

Most of the times when people lose all of their teeth, facial muscles tend to lose its volume making them look older than they really are. The use of dentures can solve this problem by filling out the appearance of the face and profile.

Also, dentures can be made to closely resemble your natural teeth, this means that they will hardly change your appearance. Your teeth will look totally natural.

What Type of Dentures Do I Need?

There are different types of dentures available, complete and partial dentures. Complete dentures are placed in your mouth when all the teeth are missing and tissues have healed. While partial dentures are used when some natural teeth remain.

When this happens jawbone can be preserved which will provide more stability and support for the denture.

It’s very easy to know which one will suit you best, but just to be completely sure, we recommend every patient to visit their dentist before making a decision. Your dentist will help you choose the type of denture that's best for you based on your teeth appearance and bone structure.

If you have any questions about your dentures, or if they stop fitting well or become damaged, contact your dentist. You must be sure to schedule regular dental checkups, too. This way, your dentist can constantly examine your mouth to see if your dentures continue to fit properly.

Where Can I Get Dentures in Mexico?

Because of the multiple advantages, thousands of foreigners visit Mexico every day to get dental work. Mexico is quickly expanding its dental tourism industry. Not only because of the affordable dental treatments, but also because of its proximity to U.S., and the high-quality dental services.

Los Algodones, Mexico is a border town located seven miles south of Yuma, AZ., and is one of the fastest growing dental destinations in the world.

Everything you need in Los Algodones will be at your disposal: pharmacies, restaurants, hotel, optical services, but especially dental services. If you or one of your close ones are looking for an inexpensive solution to your smile, give Los Algodones, Mexico a chance, we’re sure you won’t regret it.

When you visit a town like Algodones, you’ll realise that all the services are focused on offering an excellent experience to visitors. By coming to this town you’ll not only be having a short get away and saving money, you’ll be also getting a new smile!

Are Dentures in Mexico expensive?

One of the main advantages Mexico has aside its high-quality in dental work, it’s the big savings you’ll be making when travelling to this country.

In Los Algodones, Mexico you can get everything from teeth cleaning to dentures or dental implants and save at least 70% compare to the U.S and Canada Prices.

In Sani Dental Group you can get a full denture from $250, and not only do we have the best quality in dental work but also we have affordable prices to all of our customers. You can check our price list, and compare prices yourself.

Which Clinic Should I Choose?

When looking for this answer we invite you to keep three important aspects in mind once you have your options written down. First, the clinic's experience. If a clinic has stayed long in town, there must be a good reason for it, right? Second, their results. Look for treatments and pictures.

And last but not least, check what others say. If the clinics have positive reviews it’s because their clients are satisfied with the work done, and surely you will too.

In Los Algodones, Mexico there are more than three hundred clinics where you can go and get dental work, but not all of them have the high-quality service that Sani Dental Group has.

With more than 35 years of experience and three clinics in town, Sani Dental Group is the largest dental group in Los Algodones, Mexico.


Each staff member was very nice and helpful! Thank you everyone for a pretty mouth again.” - Louann Blackledge from Goodyear, AZ on 11/07/2016.

This and other reviews from our patients are available for you to read. You’ll see that Sani Dental Group can give you an experience like no other.

The expertise of our dentist will give you the smile you’ve been dreaming of. Plus, we have special deals for Sani Dental Group patients.

If you have any questions about our clinics, prices, shuttle service, lodging or if you’re ready to book an appointment, call one of our patient coordinators, they will be happy to help you with everything you need.

Getting the smile of your dreams is possible, you just have to make the right decision and visit us at the best place in Los Algodones, Mexico.


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