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Dentist Patient Relationship

Trust is the belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest and effective at his work. In order to gain someone’s trust a few things must happen first, trust is form through a good friendship, strong communication and time. Through these key elements, a strong relationship could be built with practically anyone.

When visiting a health care provider, a good relationship is needed; not trusting your healthcare provider can have disastrous results. For Sani Dental Group, an excellent dentist-patient relationship is a goal we aim to reach with all our patients. To reach your trust we try to have good communication skills, explain to you the dental procedure that we will perform and tell you all benefits both Sani Dental Group and the procedure will do for you.

Types of Dentist Patient Interaction

Active Passive

In this type of relationship the dentist acts as an active, while the patient acts as a passive. In this model the dentist is primary concern with the operatory part and the outcome. The patient's opinion or their concerns will not interfere with the dental procedure, the dentist will operate while the patient remain helpless.


In this type of relationship the dentist expect the patient to follow directions. In this model the dentist will diagnose the patient and tell him which is the best dental procedure and expects full cooperation from his patient. The patient’s cooperation is prerequisite in this type of relationship.

Mutual Participation

This type of relationship offers dentist and patient the best relationship model possible. In this model, both the dentist and the patient participate mutually and both opinions are important as the both seek a painless and effective outcome. If the patient has concerns, questions or would like more options regarding their upcoming dental procedure; the dentist will gladly response all their patients’ questions and offer them all the information they need.

Why you will Choose Sani Dental Group?

Sani Dental Group is a dental clinic with more than 30 year of experience and we have seen generations after generations come to our facilities to take care of all their oral needs. Our dental clinic has grown with the city and its history of Los Algodones and so has our relationship with you, our patient. Through our many years in service, our team of professional dentist have work hard to build your patients trust, we know and understand the importance of having good communication skill and friendly smile towards all our visitors and patients.

Having certified professionals is important, but having certified professionals who you can trust and have a good relationship with is better. Thanks to Sani Dental Group strong dentist-patient relationship, the dental clinic is recognized by numerous media networks and the NPR even made a special report. Visit the city of Los Algodones and see what the city has to offer you!