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Dental Braces Options

In today’s dental market there are many options when it comes to orthodontic care and with so many options, sometimes it can be hard to pick which brackets are best for you. As we learned in a previous post, our teeth sometimes growth crocked or with bite irregularities. To solve these your dentist would advise you to visit the orthodontist.

Whether you need to: close gaps - correct bite irregularities - properly align teeth and lips - straighten teeth; orthodontic treatment can repair the damage and restore your smile.

In this post Sani Dental Group will describe the brackets options available in the market and their pro and con. With so many options available our dental clinic wants you to take the best choice.

Dental Braces Options

When correcting your smile you’ll find that there are several orthodontic care options; however, you don’t have to feel ashamed of your smile, thanks to the advancements in the dental field, your brackets can practically be invisible. Today’s braces are small, clear and even comfortable; unlike the rough, large and complex braces that our parents probably used.

Metal/Traditional Braces

Metallic braces are probably the most traditional type of orthodontic treatment and with recent dental advancements todays’ metallic braces are not as noticeable as they once were.The metal brackets and wires are standard and less notice than ever before; because they are a standard model, damage brackets can have repairs done in most dental clinics.

Through advancements in the orthodontic care field, new heat-activated archwires, will use your body heat to help correct crooked teeth or irregular bites in a quick and painless matter.

PROS: The most affordable orthodontic option, standard model; patient is able to express themselves and personalized their brackets through the use of colored bands.

CONS: The most noticeable of all orthodontic options. In some case difficulty when brushing and flossing and need to adjust to the taste of metal in the mouth.

Ceramic Braces

Same size and shape as metallic brace, but with one major difference. This orthodontic option are composed of tooth-colored or clear brackets capable of blending with your teeth; even the archwire can come in a clear or tooth color, making them less noticeable than their metal brackets counterparts.

PROS: Less noticeable than metal brackets and offer patients similar strength. Capable of moving teeth at a faster rate when compare to plastic aligners (Invisalign).

CONS: The cost of this orthodontic option is higher than traditional braces and because of its clear-tooth color, the bracket can easily stain and discolor.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces is an orthodontic option in which the brackets and archwire are placed in the inside of teeth instead of the outside; making this option at first glance invisible. This orthodontic care option is excellent for people with moderate to severe crowding or spaces problems.

PROS: Because the brackets and wire are on the back of your teeth, they are invisible when you smile; allowing patient to feel more confident and smile more often. This is great except when you outburst laughing, then people might be able to notice them.

CONS: The cost of this orthodontic option tends to more expensive than the cost of traditional braces. Many patients have an initial discomfort with their tongue and can lead to bleeding. On average, regular adjustments take longer than with traditional braces and it is more difficult to have good hygiene.


Invisalign is an orthodontic option in which your orthodontist makes custom-made mouth guard-like aligners, these are clear in color and the patient can remove them before each meals. During the straightening stage, your orthodontist will provide you a new set of aligners every two weeks, patients could have a series of 18 to 30 custom-made mouth guards.

PROS: This orthodontic option is almost invisible and is removable!

CONS: Serious dental problems and children do not have this orthodontic option available to them and it is the most expensive orthodontic option. The aligners can also easily be lost and the cost of a replacement is expensive, treatment normally to takes longer.

In some cases you will need orthodontic treatment to correct bite irregularities or crocked teeth; today there are many options available that will help you correct oral problems. Whether you choose: traditional braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces or invisalign our dental clinic in Los Algodones wants to repair the oral damages you have and restore your smile. We invite you to visit Sani Dental Group for more information.