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Dental Implants in Mexico -Your Best Option

If you suffer from missing teeth, you have several options to replace them, but few of them are as effective as dental implants.

They are metal posts that are surgically positioned to replace tooth roots. These implants allow your dentist to put fixed or teeth to replace your natural missing teeth.

You can get this dental treatment in any place, but here we share with you why getting dental implants in Mexico is your best option to recover your smile.

Advantages of Dental Implants

First of all, let us talk to you about the advantages of getting dental treatments if you suffer from missing teeth. There are several advantages that may or may not be evident to you, so here are some of the most important:

Dental Implants allow you to keep your teeth in your mouth without worrying that your dentures might slip away. Once you get dental implants, you'll be able to take care of your teeth as if they were natural.

Leaving empty spaces in your mouth after losing teeth can lead to the loss or deterioration of your jawbone. Getting dental treatments can prevent and stimulate the natural bone to grow, preventing bone loss.

By getting dental implants, you can avoid speech problems that you could have if you use dentures.

Dental implants are a long-term solution that - with proper care - can last for several years. While implants may need periodic adjustments, if you take care of them you'll have nothing to worry about.

Also, dental implants can help you to chew your food better, letting you enjoy your food without complications.

Dental Implants in Mexico

In addition to all the advantages mentioned above, dental implants can be an inexpensive way to improve your smile if you visit the right place.

By getting dental treatments in Mexico, you can save up to 70% on dental treatments, which means that you can recover your smile paying only 30% of the regular price. These saving do not represent a low in the quality of the dental treatments you're getting.

Sani Dental Group is certified by the American Dental Association, which means that we have the highest quality standards on our dental treatments.

At our clinic, we offer different brands of implants: Mis, Nobel BioCare and Straumann. The price varies depending on the brand and each individual’s condition.

There are several options to consider when choosing the implant brand. The characteristics of each of these are the following:


An implant characterized for its design that provides great strength and support, it’s usually recommended for patients with lower density jawbone.

The implant can be used in front or back teeth.

Nobel BioCare

Nobel Biocare, leader in the industry as it is one of the more commercial brands in the world. A great choice for single implants and ideally used in special systems such as the All-on-4.


Whether missing one tooth or all of the teeth, Straumann dental implants offer a state-of-the-art, reliable solution that helps prevent further bone loss, avoid shifting teeth, and changes in facial structure.

The specialist will recommend which option is best, based on the patient’s specific needs. Additional procedures necessary to complete the treatment such as bone grafting or sinus lift may be recommended also which are not included in the price.

Bone Graft: An additional procedure that becomes necessary in some cases before receiving dental implants.

Sinus Lift: another additional procedure known as sinus augmentation. It is performed prior to a dental implant in individuals who suffer from a sinus cavity.

Many patients are looking for an option that doesn't involve minimal surgical procedures. Others, with significant bone loss in the jaw, must have to undergo the previously mentioned procedures to receive implants as the jawbone is what naturally holds the teeth.

Zygomatic Implants

implants-los-algodonesDifferent from traditional implants, zygomatic implants do not require grafting procedures.

The zygomatic bone offers better density and sufficient thickness to provide anchorage and loading of an implant an is situated at the upper and lateral parts of the face. 

Benefits of Zygomatic Implants

• The solution for a severe case of atrophy.

• The zygomatic bone (malar bone) does not reabsorbs, as opposed to the maxilla and the jawbone.

• Treatment time is quicker.

• It does not require bone grafting.

• It is an outpatient surgery, does not need hospital admission.

• Higher rate of success than conventional implants associated with bone regeneration.

• Lower cost (considering all the procedure and the visits)

• Immediate rehabilitation after implants is placed.

Sani Dental Group performed this procedure more than any other clinic in the region and Most of the procedures are successful, although it is the responsibility of each patient to follow the doctor’s recommendation. 

Every day, the number of people coming to Mexico to get dental treatments is larger. This is because of the great results that they get and the big savings.

Mexico has become one of the main places to get any medical treatments, so you shouldn't hesitate if you want a high-quality dental treatment at an affordable price.

How do take care of my implants?

Dental implants can be cared for just like regular teeth, but since these are artificial teeth you should keep them as clean as possible.

In addition to simply brushing and flossing them daily, you might want to consider these 3 tips for better oral health.

1. Choose a soft-bristled toothbrush instead of a regular one. You can find them at almost every supermarket or pharmacy.

2. Ask the dentist what floss to use for your specific denture.

3. Don’t forget to use non-alcoholic mouthwash on a daily basis to prevent any formation of plaque in the implants.

It is recommended to get dental implants cleaned by a professional periodically, to prevent any infection caused by food particles and bacteria stuck in teeth.

Los Algodones

Los Algodones, Mexico, is well-known as the capital of Dental Tourism in the world, and with good reason. Every day, this little town receives around 3,000 people looking for medical treatments.

If you're unsure about traveling to get your dental treatments, you can do your research and find out why so many people come here. Many of these people are returning to get more treatments because they're satisfied with their results.

As a tourist, the maximum period of time someone can stay in the country is six months. It won't be necessary to bring a visa to enter the country, just a valid passport for the period mentioned before as you'll need it to enter back to the U.S or Canada. 

Los Algodones, Mexico is located just miles away from Yuma, Az. Since the city has gained popularity among medical tourists this is a town completely devoted to its visitors. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. The warm, dry climate of the area attracts a number of tourists. 

Visit MediPlaza

The newest medical plaza in town with everything that a medical tourist may need during their trip. Lodging, Pharmacy, Restaurants, shopping, among other things. 

MediPlaza focuses on offering to its visitors a Medical Hospitality experience, providing a perfect environment to receive the treatments you need and have a good time. Some of these treatments include Stem Cells, Hyperbaric, Optical, Dental, and Surgery services.

Conveniently located just two blocks away from the border, MediPlaza Los Algodones is the best option for the medical tourists and their companions.

If, after all this information, you keep hesitating about getting your dental implants in Mexico, we invite you to visit our youtube channel and the reviews page of our website. There you'll find testimonials of people who have come and got great results in improving their smile.

Getting the smile you deserve is possible, you just have to take the decision and visit the best place.

Sani Dental Group is the largest dental group in Los Algodones, and one of the largest in Mexico. We have more than 30 dentists in 3 different locations to treat all your dental needs. Give us a call and one of our patient coordinators will provide you all the information you need.

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