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Dental Care and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is probably one of the most memorable moments, if not the most memorable women can go through. However, sometimes there could be some complications, either because of things you don’t know or because of an unknown sickness; especially if this is your first time pregnant. When in this situation you might have several questions; to answer them Sani Dental Group advises you to visit your doctor and take the test he/she recommends you to take throughout your pregnancy. Always verify that you and your baby are healthy and happy. An area we will examine in detail in this post is “what dental procedures are safe during pregnancy?”

Dental Care during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is important that you take care of your gums and your teeth. With the constant hormonal changes, your body is going through there is a high risk of developing gum disease and this disease will not only affect your health but also of your baby. Do not let the good news of being pregnant prevent you from assisting the dentist.

Continue with your regular visit to the dentist and once pregnancy is confirmed tell both your doctor and dentist. Telling your dentist that you are pregnant will allow him to professionally prepare procedures and treatment. Your dentist can do a detailed cleaning of your teeth, gum areas and alert you of any oral health problems you could have missed.

FACT: There will be critical times during your baby’s growth and developing; that it is recommended that you avoid exposing yourself and your baby to any dental procedures. Check with our professionals at Sani Dental Group if you have any questions for more information.

During pregnancy your doctor will most likely prescribe you vitamins and other medications to help during this time; when visiting your dentist tell them the medications and dosages your doctor has prescribed to you. With this information, your dentist might need to alter dental treatments to provide patients better procedures.

FACT: Tetracycline– an antibiotic that can affect the development of your child’s teeth. This drug can lead to brownish color teeth in children.

Avoid dental x-rays during pregnancy as much as possible. Yes, even though dental x-rays have improved throughout the years, they are still a risk to pregnant women and the developing child. Only if an emergency occurs should the patient have x-rays taken.

Do not skip your dental appointments, while being pregnant it is very important that your dentist checks your gums. It’s important that you notify your dentist if you notice any bleeding or swelling.

As mention before, during pregnancy there are constant hormonal changes; with regular periodontal exams your dentist would provide tips and help you reduce and prevent oral diseases or other health problems.

Morning sickness can seriously affect your oral health; however many pregnant patients avoid brushing their teeth due to the bad mouth taste caused by morning sickness.

FACT: Rinsing your mouth with water or a mouth rinse can reduce the bad taste caused by frequent vomiting.

If you adjust your eating habits you can make a great difference in your baby’s development. To provide your babies the best health, Sani Dental Group advises you to avoid sugary foods and have a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Sani Dental Group knows that for women, being pregnant is probably one of the most unforgettable moments of their lives or the most memorable women can go through. We invited you to take care of your health and of your developing baby. Please follow your doctor’s indications, take all the recommended vitamins and have a well-balanced diet.

We are sure that when the moment comes and you are holding your baby in your arms, there will be no words to describe your joy and happiness. After your child's birth, do not kiss the baby every chance you get, especially if you experience any bleeding or swelling in your mouth. A baby's skin is more susceptible to diseases. If you notice any bleeding or oral diseases, contact us we will be happy to help you and your baby.

The steps and procedures mentioned in this post are procedures available in the medical field; however, not all these treatments and procedures are performed at Sani Dental Group. To confirm if this procedure is performed at our dental clinics, please contact us directly.